Monday, September 3, 2007

Identify the Signs

*Coughs Coughs*

"Phow, Phew, sure is dusty in here."

10 Things To Identify To Know You Should Start Cleaning Your Room:

1) When you realize your room have barely any space left for you to stand.

2) When you find little black dots at the bottom of your magazine rack (actually I think is insect droppings).

3) When you start sneezing incessantly, and eyes start to itch horribly when you are only flipping through your secondary school files.

4) When a guy doubt your gender just by looking at your room, and feels that it is worse than his room.

5) When a guy sarcasticaly comment that you re-painted the facing layer of the shelves white, when actually it's the dust, just too thick.

6) When you realize you have ALL your worksheets and textbooks and help books and Ten-Year series and 8 词语手册 all lying around your room, when you've already graduated in 2005.

7) When you realize whenever you open one cupboard, several things drop off to the floor, and have to pick it up, dump it in and try to close the cupboard door as fast as you can (cycle repeats when you open same cupboard again).

8) When you fan looks like it's been coated with cobwebs, when actually it really is just a lot of dust accumulated (but you can't be blamed when the bloody fan can only be unscrewed by a 6-sided screwdriver and the one dad bought at cheap mama shop is unusable).

9) When you find yourself comparing your room and the rest of the rooms in the house (including toilets) and surprisingly wonder why your room seems so small, and untidy, and even smells different.

10) When you test to touch your table lamp and it looks like this:

Then, if you know you can't fight this losing battle on your own, lure your best friend to come your house, and kindly ask if he/she wants to help you clean up your room. *wink*

Heh heh.

No lah, Fung just happened to accompany a lonely and bored soul(me) play children's board games half a Sunday and for the next 6 hours, STRONGLY encouraged me to dump everything.

"Woah, you REALLY keep everything, leh!"

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