Thursday, September 6, 2007


My room's almost done with the packing and dumping all the shite! Whee!

Sneak peek:
Things I keep have got their values, so you can go ahead and ask me, "Eww, why are you keeping that?" :D

The very nice cupboard which unfortunately keeps a lot of the things I seldom use. Heh.

Oh well. And so the trip down to Borders didn't turn out well. They wanted long-term part-timers who could fufill 30 hours per week. And I'm not sure I can do that it the next semester, since the seniors and teachers said it would be the xiong-est sem.

I spent the rest of the day window shopping with Eil, and he met TT (Durai) later. I thought he was very friendly and nice initially know, but turns out that he's still as nasty as ever to me. Only favourable to Eil lor, wau lao. He was criticized my Eng, not that I have any Eng talents to boast. He's Chinese, also not very good leh.

Anyway, still thinks he's not THAT bad a person, and I'm scared of him more than loathe him.
*link removed*

I'm feeling good again because Hon is back and he gave me the reassurance I need. Eil, no more troubles with the Zouk thing! Wahaha, turns out they're not going anymore.

My nights have been difficult because I keep dwelling on that Zouk thing, no kidding. It was so awful. Bleh.
2 MEMEs to be completed this morning:

From Shyanne:
10 Weird Things About Thiang (I tried to make it weird already)

1) I like to peel my nails first before I use the nail clipper. It's ... uncontrollable.

2) I keep everything, from damaged shoes (even wear them sometimes) to Giordano children clothes I bought in Sec 1 to my Primary 1 习字本. Beat that.

3) I walk around the house, not knowing where I'm going. And I do that A LOT.

4) I laugh and talk to myself when I find my self doing something stupid (eg . Point 3)

5) Roll on the bed, literally, and screaming, "I'm SO BORED!" hoping that something interesting would happen.

6) Pick up attitudes, behaviours and facial expresssions from people around me, like a plagiarism machine, out of control

7) Hates and loves to be alone at home, refusing to go out to the mall(just next building) to even buy food sometimes, using 'not feeling it' as excuse

8) Must buy the book to read the book

9) Feel extremely disturbed after viewing friendster/blogs

10) I'm powder-dependent. I MUST apply powder from time to time feel comfortable.

There! And I'm only going to tag a few people:
- Ying
- Wai
- Mango

I'm feeling privileged ah, because Eil tagged me first (after Dave the one who tagged her), when the question requires this:
Pass this quiz to people that you wish to know how they feel about you"


Eil, I know how you'll react when you read this.
*taken aback*
"Err Thiang, you're weird!"

1. (the person who tagged you is) - Eileen Kang Pei Fen

2. (your relationship with him/her is) - Ngee Ann Poly ex-classmate / Good friend!

3. (5 impressions you have of him/her) -

1) Hardworking

2) Efficient

3) Busty

4) Funny blogger, but not very funny in real life leh, more like unexpected.

5) Good listener, listens to problems, analyze without taking sides, and give constructive suggestions (that's what I like about you!) :)

4. (the most memorable thing he/she has done for you) - Spent a couple of hours with me at Jue Yi's band performance at B&J@The Cathay, even when she has reached her curfew. (She's the only one who accompanied me there)

5. (the most memorable words he/she has said to you) - "You need my help not?" Whenever I have problems with schoolwork, I'll either look for her or she'll just ask me and offer me her help.

6. (if he/she becomes your lover, you will) - say, "Sorry, I really don't think I'm cut out to be a lesbian."

7. (if he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be) - her walking posture, (wait, maybe that's her boobs fault), because she staggers and on many occasions, she will slip and fall.

8. (if he/she becomes your enemy, you will) - make her BLACK. :P

9. (if he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be) - backstabbing me, in any way

10. (the most desirable thing you want to do for him/her now is) - Find a job, so she can have the money and we can go for ACTUAL shopping!

11. (your overall impression of him/her is) - There is nothing she can't do, except perhaps acting and dancing. Heh.

12. (how you think people around you will feel about you) - a couple of words but the all the same:





13. (the characteristic you love about yourself is) - I can dance, and dare to express myself (though occasionally I just don't 'feel it')

14. (the characteristic you hate about yourself is) - My "fucking attitude" as described by Victor

15. (the most ideal person you want to be is) - I want a little bit of everybody in me

16. (for people that care and like you, say something to them) - "Thanks for accepting the way I am"

17. (pass this quiz to people that you wish to know how they feel about you)

- Sister
- Kimmo
- Eil (I just realized can tag back! :D)
- Shy
- Kris
- Ying
- Jo
- Suj
- Mingle
- Wei Long



And I have the opportunity to compete on-air next week!
But guess what, I'll be away in Korea from 9-15 Sept. Bloody hell!

I MUST figure a way out. Argh.
Wish me luck! :)

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