Thursday, October 4, 2007


*Drum rolls*
Presenting to you . . . THE

阿弥驼佛。。。Amitaabahh. (Grandmother gave me that pendant today, and dad passed it to me. You will definitely not see me wearing it any where.)

Right. I'm probably appearing to you as an idiot right now. If not, you got a shock right after meeting Ms. Wabbit above.

The rationale behind this entry is ... being a person with no life. You see, I've been cooped up at home all day for sooooo many days this holiday and I find this a total waste of time!

To further illustrate how erm, bored I was, I played with Photoshop and came up with this crap, just before dinner at 9pm.

As I was saying, I was really thinking hard of what I can do and I recall that I haven't post these photos up when I was 'studying' with Kimmo and Kristie and Shyanne 2 months ago for the big exam.

No, you gotta pardon me for all the agent undercover shite, for I was REALLLY lifeless.

These days, I've been roaming the streets (that's if I have to go out and run an errand) and crossing the roads without even looking (even when the man is green and the cars are honking me).

I am clueless about what's going on with me, being in a daze all day, not knowing what time is it but was shocked to find out when it's 7.30pm the next moment. Plus, whatever life/living matter that bypassed me, I don't seem to be absorbing anything.

What makes it worse is that I've been having many negative thoughts. AGAIN!
Ok, toodles.




怎么觉得自己越来越笨、人生越来越不精彩,没意思了? 我要找会属于我的一片天空。
我置信会让我重新以更有意志力地去奋斗下去,追求梦想(我有吗?) 的是舞蹈。 于是我突发奇想,便到了YouTube找到了。。。

I know that the holidays are soon coming to an end, and realized that I've completely wasted my entire 7 week worth of it. Obviously, for more than half the holidays I've spent at home, doing nothing and slacking around, waiting for time to pass. Although I'm wasting my life, while I'm stoning at home, it's as if I could hear my friends in the distant, their laughter ringing in my hears. If not, when I close my eyes, I could see their happy faces. Ah, that's good, they're having fun and enjoying life.

But, what about me then?

Currently, having a boyfriend doesn't seems to be having one. Yet Sis, who supposedly the boyfriend-less, she's getting all the love.

I wonder, why do I feel more stupid each day, and life seems to be getting duller each day, living is starting to lose its meaning? I want to my forte. I want to believe that to gain back my confidence to press on and pursue my dream (is there one to begin with?) is to dance. So I decided to visit YouTube and found these...


有兴趣的朋友们不妨看一下,就会知道我是喜欢哪一种的舞蹈啦。 :)

Interested parties might take a look at this, so you will know what genre of dance I like and would like to join! :)

A splendid dance choreographed by my previous dance teacher.


I've put up an 88% similar dance performance like this, I'm missing it pretty much now.


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