Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dance Epic & Pine For Korea IV

It was a BLAST!, well, literally.

You see, last week I went to my CCA's compulsory chalet at Aloha Loyang (I didn't attend the full course of events though) and then of course we'll have a barbecue naturally right?

Since it was raining, we couldn't use the stone one outdoor so we had to have a back-up plan. What the committee (really, there's only 3 people present helping out there =.=) came up with was to put the charcoal onto those aluminum trays and put a wire mesh over it.

Everything was set. Jonathon had already started the fire, and we were about to start barbecuing when POP!, the first mini explosion went off, scaring the wits out of Jonathon (he was being scalded by hot oil the previous night, the entirety of both his arms, it's logical that he's frightened now).

A bit of charcoal flew off and initially we thought it was the lousy charcoal quality, and/or the butter that drips onto the fire that's causing the trouble.

A few minutes later, an explosion occurred. It was loud, and charcoal popped out of the tray, and the floor jerked a little. Later, they moved the tray aside to reveal this:

The small explosion was the cracking of the first tile (to the left) and the second loud explosion was the actual tile already. If you look closely, tad bit of the tile is charred. It is also shocking to see that there is this bulge on the floor, we caused the unevenness upon it, this is indeed nerve-cracking.

Luckily the boys noticed it, if not, more explosions are bound to happen, considering that the tiles next to it have already started to crack up.

Louis took over Jonathon's job, and dragged the trays to the cement floor outside (but sheltered away from the drizzle). I helped to clear up some of the still-burning burning charcoal that were thrown out during the explosion.

Soon, the atmosphere settled and everybody had their fill.

These people sure are optimistic and know how to make themselves happy! :D Following dinner, all mini groups had to put up a dance song performance and with my group, within a day we put up an entire dance, and we actually crowned the overall winner of the Dance Epic. Haha! But I wonder why the prizes always suck. 1kg worth of mint mentos (I don't like!) and a tub of cheap Gold Meadows Cookies 'N' Cream ice-cream, which were shared among everybody within 15 minutes. Amazing.

Nevertheless, I think I had a good opportunity getting to know some people better, and take a better look at their personalities.

Gara here is from Myanmar, and he's a pretty nice chap, just that I have problems understanding him sometimes like how I can't understand Ji-Ae.

Secretary Evelyn is very easy-going, and also easy to talk to, I like the way she seems is, carefree.

In addition to that, a group of girls has been accompanying me as well and sharing their foods and bicycles with me. Heh.

I haven't mentioned I went swimming at the dark pool alone at 1am for one hour huh? At first, wild thoughts ran through my mind and I keep having this queasy feeling about the water. But after some treading in the water and pushing back those thoughts, I was brave enough to swim freely.

Without doubt, I did not play the slide because that area was heavily guarded with many frogs.

The swimming did some good to my tummy as I pooped immediately the next day! AH! Nice! Nice! :D

Almost like a ritual, no chalet is fun without a 'party'. In the middle of the night, some were playing cards, some were singing K, some were drinking, some were drunk and upset etc. Although these alcohol are uh, weak, drinking them fast and then dancing just forces all the blood to reach my brain quickly and I felt really unwell. At 5am, I K.O.-ed on the bed, with my roommates, with my favourite jacket in the whole-wide world in my arms. :)

I was very grouchy the next morning though. No, it wasn't because of hangover or the lack of sleep (ok, maybe a little contributes to that) but because a girl named Sarah locked the door from inside, and she's outside. There's no key to that door you know, so I panicked. My swim wear/contact lens/a set of clothes were inside. Obviously, nobody else was worried as only my things were in the loo. =.= I was worried they will all be leaving first, and I had to stay back to wait for the locksmith to unlock it.

No need for that though! :)

I promise this is the last bit for the Korea trip! 8)

On the last day, we were on our way to yet another sales talk, so we just took photos for fun! I wonder why when Sis do all of these funny faces, she actually looked CUTE.

In comparison to her puffy/rabbit/growl look, I looked like a poser. Utterly loser-ish.

We had our last bit of shopping rounds at the Ladies' Street and Antique Street before heading to Seoul Airport.

This is bad, I just noticed the almost similar pose in all my photos. I don't want to be like thy-dowager. Damn, I must do something about this.

It has been so long since I really quarreled with Sis. I had no idea why at this small sop underground where we had lunch, it triggered much gunpowder in us and we just started shooting at one another. We were so mad at that point of time.

The fork is cute, it has rounded ends on one side! If anybody knows what's it for, please do tell me! :)

It was time for us to say goodbye! I couldn't bear to part after the awesome 5 days in Korea!

And this bloke DID NOT reply to any of our emails till date. @#@$&Y@$#132%!

One more thing in Korea that impresses me though, is this:

Super hygienic toilet bowls! They have this plastic dispenser where at the click of the red button at the side of the toilet bowl, the plastic on the seat will move and therefore you do not need to sit on dirty bowls! This will make Victor happy.

On flight, (I still think Koreans are prejudiced and egoistic!) I didn't sleep but watched 2 movies. I enjoyed both of them tremendously, however both endings stink. Anyway, I took of the the programme magazines home! Heh heh, because the cover story was Johnny Depp on POTC 3, I couldn't resist! :P

I will be back in Singapore after 6 hours of flight; and I certainly did not expect him.

Hold on, I have to temporarily switch to unemotional now.

Thanks bro, for coming to uh, fetch; And the distasteful Soya Bean milk; And bus fare home! I can do it at 90cents! :P

But sorry as well, because you're forced to come.

I don't think there should be a need to eh, tell my mom you were forced to come though. Haha.

*switches back*

I hope that doesn't sound toooooo.....intimate.

Will there really be somebody who will pop by?
I really can't recall anybody looking for me at the 4th floor. :/

Thanks for your effort for coming down and uh, even resorting to asking people for help.

Isn't it by being optimistic deceiving oneself by thinking, " Oh, there's bound to be something good in this and I should just look on the bright side!" when deep down you know you're kidding yourself, expecting a miracle to happen? That thought itself, is painful. What about the truth when it reaches you then? In a state of devastation? I'm already on a half the route already.

Suddenly I'm tumbling for words to use to describe my feelings and situation now. It seems that everything has happened before, and I'm sick of plain saying, "Oh, we quarreled yet again". There has to be some way of putting it better. But how?

It's more than just pain.
It's more than tolerating.
It's more than just tears.
Love alone is no longer enough to support.

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