Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For the Naggy, yet Lovable ones.

Tsk. Girls only approach me on MSN for photos. Well I’m referring to the ten-girl clique I stayed with in secondary school. See luh, I'm so nice, still help you all photoshop. Kindly credit me if you're using them ok! I take pride in my work. Hur.

26th Oct is our ‘Lopez’ Goh Si Hui’s 18th birthday. She invited us out for a dinner, supposedly at Brewerkz Restaurant. But because she didn’t book a 12-seater 3 days in advance, we found ourselves needing to wait for an hour and half if we were to dine there.

This is the birthday girl, I recall the days where I spent my prelim days at her place, supposedly doing work, but end up playing and Friendster-ing at good-looking guys. Tsk. Haha. Good times! She's super amiable and funny. :D

It was donkey ages since I last met these ladies. From left: Liang Yu, Si Hui, Chern Harn.

Thus, we had a change of plans and headed to Chen Fu Ji Chinese Restaurant instead. Ok lah, it’s not that bad actually, they have yummy food and we insisted on getting good service from the manager. Haha.

It’s been slightly over more than a year since I last meant a few of them like Liang Yu, Harn, Si Hui, and the Sassy G Girls (will explain later).

The Sassy Gs went to Raffles City to get 18 huge balloons for the birthday girl, as well as the cookie cake, hence late. The others, upon their stammering words and furious sms-es, apologized that they will be late. =.=

Hot babe Hui Shi (left), I heard she was picked up in Plush, but she walked away from him. Haha.

We used to be love rivals for awhile. Hur. Old school! Old school!

Looking good! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUI!

I'm a tad bit disappointed we didn't get to eat any of this. :(
(Click on picture to enlarge ah)

Anyway, the dinner was great, we caught up and biatch-ed about bloggers, models and local celebs. Hur, not forgetting to show them my picture with Thomas Ong of course (I know I’m very naïve, but I like Thomas a lot!). Plus, the bill adds up to $400, which is very, very scary.

My shirt button snapped open, walao.

All the pretty ladies Neng missed out.

As we strolled along the Clarke Quay, we 12 girls get all the attention as we are considered a big group, and what with 18 red, pink and silver balloons in my hands, people can’t help but notice us.

The happy clique! :)

Following dinner, Cherie was supposed to bring us into Plush Club as Mafia guests, but because I can’t get away with the whole cheat-using-ez-link-card, all of those who wanted to club, went ahead. I, along with Harn, left. But she left because she didn’t want to go, taking into consideration it was already 12am.

So sadly I traveled home alone, feeling a bit mistreated by Bibi and co, and went to sofa(bed) in little tears.

Luckily Saturday was good!

Note to self: Stop flirting with someone. Friends have noticed your strange/funny language and behaviour. ☹ (I swear I didn’t do it on purpose!)

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