Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Happiest Thing That Happened This Week

Look at this!

I'm now 70% certain that it's because when I first signed up with Nuffnang, I didn't click on the "OK" that's why I have no incoming advertisements. :P

Of course, there might be the other possibility that they just don't like my blog. But hey! I've landed my first ad the Monday school starts! I can't wait! I'm super excited! :D

Do come and visit and click on it. Wahaha! :)

The other day Eileen tagged me to inform me that I've entered Runway City's Fabulous Five of the Month! Whoo!


Other than online shopping as a past hobby, I am also an active member of this LJ community! Occasionally I post what I wear and I got in this time. Unfortunately, my competitors this time is famous LJ user, blackpeace, a true fashionista in my opinion (she also has fashion police days), so the votes tally up, I'm like the last of the five. Wahaa, oh well.

This was the newspaper article for the semi-finals Fight Club 2007.

Uh, I don't have much comments on that actually. All I can say is, now I really see how a media works, and bloody hell!, I'm going to work in the media when I grow up!

Last night on MSN, a wise guy counselled and consoled me over my relationship problems, exchanging information with me about his own failed relationship and thus I see the bigger picture and had to do something to salvage my own, so I heeded his advice and sent 2 sms-es to Vic.

While I keep my hopes high and staying optimistic, I used a lot of :)s and ^^s to stay chirpy, and it really helps! :D

Therefore this morning I decided to be slightly productive and hand-made three necklaces. In my opinion, I think they actually turned out pretty good. Wahaha.

I'm deciding between keeping this to myself, or sell it at our blogshop. :)

I want to name this: Hunter's Pick or something; since the squirrel looks shocked and my blue Lego pieces are supposed to look like a gun. :D

I'll name this: Tea Break. Butterfinger & a cuppa evil hot chocolate is <3! :D

I just want to show off my Halloween Witches' hat I bought from Lotte World. Plus, this super-duper vintage box is a steal! I purchased this treasure at approximately $16. I'm pretty sure you don't get to see this a lot it Singapore, right? Right??!

And the wise guy's methods worked! Miraculously, the ever-stubborn Vic really replied me this afternoon! I was overjoyed and taken aback at the same time because it was so sudden and he appeared like nothing had happened before. 0.0


If you're wondering why I'm bloggin at 4.22am, it's because I just came back from a very un-fruitful trip to Zouk and Orchard, and I'm going to explain why tomorrow. (I hope!)

Meanwhile, I also want to engage more readers! *Motive-ated* Whahaha!


P.S. A guy just told me he loved me, and it's not Victor. Ah~~~~ I thought he had stopped liking me a long time ago, I wouldn't want to send the wrong signals, would I?

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