Sunday, October 7, 2007

Night Out: A Failed Attempt

With celebrating Say Bing's birthday in mind, the original plan was to go to a pub named Rage at Clarke Quay, then after 12am, to Zouk. Being the typical uh, 'ah beng' youngster he is, he wanted to club, SO VERY BADLY.

You got that right, among all the friends the birthday boy had asked along, only himself and I are denied entry to Zouk. I was lucky to have Fung, Jo and Ying by my side, who didn't leave me alone out there.

Say Bing and a bunch of the guy friends left Sengkang at half past seven, leaving only Ying and I to meet at 8.30pm (more like 9pm because she was late! :P).

Fung and Jo joined us at Clarke Quay and we all had to take a cab down to Zouk because of the last minute change of plans. I was described as the burden of the group as I'm the sole person there who couldn't get in.

The bouncer did not allow Say Bing to enter Zouk yet either, and his friends had all dumped him to club, except the four of us, accompanying him while he sulk and smoke at the curb.

For more than an hour we tried to keep him occupied, as well as think of possible ways for me to get in but to no avail. I'm not one who would force my way in, so I just satisfied myself by observing people, no doubt people also look at me. :D

I was really excited and nervous that night, because I could finally get out of the house! In total, we saw four celebrities whom include: Jade Seah (lanky, photogenic - which means I think she look better on screen), Adam Chen (buff), Belinda (suuper tall) and Wei Cong (there, Superstar finalist, he looks like a female from behind I swear!); and met with many drunk cases.

I'm sure this is normal for any club scene but that is probably my first encounter with so many strangers vomiting together like a gathering. A group of guys had to lull their friend out, guys had to carry their female colleague out, girls struggling, girls talking at their top of their voices, girls throwing themselves to the guys etc.

I was sure enjoying my night just watching all these people man.

Nope, no guys hit on me when I was watching, standing beside the lamp post.

Finally, when we thought things were about to change, Wei Chuan and Say Bing went to the ATM to get some money, but end up they went to find the rest of the blokes and eat prata, leaving us waiting for them there, like idiots. Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed, and decided to leave for good.

Thus, we made our way to Orchard, the one pub which Fung wanted to try out, Indochine.

Only after looking at the menu do I know it's really costly, as compared to Victor's working place (which is very expensive since its target audience is foreigners).

The atmosphere was quiet i contrast to the nightlife at Clarke Quay's The Central.

But right after we've ordered our drinks, there was a live band performance, by Cats in the Cradle, the acoustic band competing in Live The Dream!

I must admit, the lead singer's really good at his thing, but on stage they have a lot of internal jokes and we the customers just look at each other, blur.

Anyway, I couldn't conclude that the night was great, basically because all three of them were tired from both work and school examinations. I was the only one who had all the energy and tried to strike conversations but I think they really can't be bothered.

Judging from the looks of it, we did really talk at all, the music was very loud and we couldn't think of anything to converse either, not to mention Fung is being weird nowadays. Hmmm.

Perhaps you could really tell we were bored. We even tried thinking about going to E2Max, but it was too late since Ying had work the next morning at 8am at Harbourfront. =.= It was 2am then.

A lot of our friends couldn't recognize Ying that night due to her appearance and dressing. :D

I can not deny anymore! I'm a super lousy drinker! Throughout the session I had to consistently add ice cubes to my cocktail because I didn't find it cold enough, and halfway through my cup, I am already feeling feverish and red in the face, my head spinning a little. 0.0

Here's what we drank:

For my drink, it's very sweet but I enjoy the fruity flavour mixed with Vodka.
As for Jo's, it looks like orange smoothie, but there is this trace of bitterness.

Ying's just taste like cough syrup to me (sorry!).

Since there was nothing much for us to do, Ying and I just experiment with the cam and I figured I like taking photos like this:

At 3am, we took 6N home.

My new photo-taking technique! :D

Wise Guy said what Vic did to me was probably wanting me to treasure him. So I asked Vic yesterday. The answer was extremely disappointing. I could only say, it is nowhere close to Wise Guy's prediction. :(

Enjoy your last bit of the weekend! :)

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