Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lack of what others have

(To locate me)

Exactly a week ago, it was obligatory for me to go my Uncle's chalet at Downtown East for my little cousin's birthday. I'm guessing that that was the first time they(the kiddos) had ever been to a chalet, and it became explanatory when I see them both jumping/rolling/lying on the chalet beds non-stop throughout the night. Hur.

3rd birthday celebration it is, (darn) I'm 6 times older then him (going to!). Haha.
I certainly wasn't joking about their itchy fingers dying to pluck up the car and start playing with it.

Another thing I couldn't stand about kids, would be them fingers dipping into the cake, and licking it off, but the saliva VISIBLE, still uh, dripping from the tips of their finger and then dip in into the cake, AGAIN.


By now you should have know that asking kids to stay still and pose for a picture, the possibility that it will happen is close to 0%.

I do like getting the kids' attention, as in, getting them to like me, remember me even after I didn't visit them after a long time. However, there seems to be more than meet the eyes. In the end, they enjoy being playmates, but by 'playing', they chose to hit me with all the might and that hurts. :(

It was hopeless. Even when I give a firm "NO", they'll continue, laughing while hitting me, obviously thinking we're having 'fun'. =.=

I haven't go into details of what I call 'sexual harassment', but I've decided NOT to blog about it since they're just kids. :D It does piss me off, okay.

Apparently, both my cousins love vehicles, like Tom the Train , aeroplanes, helicopters, cars and trucks etc. Not all kids love Mr Barney, oh well. Majority of them actually likes Pixar movies, according to my observation thus far.

I always feel out of place during family gatherings , and I think this has something to do with my childhood. I lack that closeness. More than often, I find myself thinking about my nanny and getting very excited when I get to be involved in THEIR family gatherings. So perhaps now I may be seen as rude by the current circle I'm in? I always have this feeling Gu Jie won't think of me that way. :/

The photo-taking session seemed to take forever, just because it's hard to accommodate everyone into the camera frame. What made worse was both brothers ain't very co-operate. =.=

Something that I want to add on: Kids tend to be VERY dependent on the maids nowadays. Judging by how I see both my cousin's not allowing my maid to leave their sides, times have certainly change. Where's the Mother when kids need em'?

We call the Birthday Boy 'DiDi' as he's the youngest among the cousins.

I have no idea why he had to sit on my lap when I was merely swatting down to take a picture. He was putting all the weight on me, like I'm some portable chair! If I were uh, taller and bigger size, I would have allowed that, my legs were ACHING so much I thought it was going to break.
Kids are sly beings. In a century like ours, they just throw tantrums and faking a cry just to get what they want. On many occasions, when they damage something or hit somebody, they just feign ignorance, like it was not at all their doings.

To play dirty, grown ups like us have to fake a cry, just to get to apologise. Heh. Or just give them a tongue lashing anyway. Eileen will be more than happy.

For some weird physical behavioral reasons, kids can't lift their heads up huh?

I know this picture is badly done. Hur. It's just one of my Photoshop Police Days.

Anyway, Sis has landed herself a sweet job with Estee Lauder and Vivocity. Perhaps you would like to drop by for some eye candy. :D

I've tried out of their products, absolutely love it, if I had the money...

On Tues, famous director Lawrence Ma gave us a lecture for TV Production, although it' more like shring his own experience.

Despite his excellent directing skills, he cannot speak English for nuts. Throughout, I could only follow him a little, for the rest trying to Google about him and kept throwing Chong Ern dirty looks because he was giggling endlessly at his poor speech ability.

I didn't write this! I found this on a lamp-post under my block. Fantastic, I don't have to say that but I need a release of the angst building inside me. And first person I would say it to, would be the one making me so miserable now.

I don't know what's lacking, but it seems to me that nothing I do will make people take me seriously. I'm just a toy. Joke perhaps. I really want to know all the explanations for my current situations.

Nonetheless, yesterday I had one hell of a time with Neng Hao and Serena and a couple of Heatwave people. I'm guessing what Serena said was right, "that we click" right away, thus we spend 3 hours laughing and talking at KAP.

I have no idea why I told new friends about my heart's insecurities about my emotional needs, but it was great sharing session.

Thanks Neng Hao for his awesome iPod Nano and insight into my personal problems. :)

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