Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Long and Short about The Arrival of Semester 4

I've garnered some long and short comments/phrases/conversations from these couple of days returning to campus life.

Just when I thought the first day of school was really awesome, with almost all praises and happy faces, Tuesday was a horrendous day. No, that word is probably just an understatement.

It is very pleasant to:

- Have Kris saying this before lesson starts, "Loooking good today Shanice! "

- Receive a phone call from Shy and when you see her she goes, "OH!!!!!!!! Thiang~~~~~ "*proceeds to wanting to squeeze my cheeks* (Shy)

- Talk to your new IS classmates Loy and Jerome, and they say, "We've been looking at that since the beginning of the class (my poker-card necklace), it's very nice."

- Walk towards the LT and being told, "By the way, I love your shoes." (By Tasha, amazingly)

- Lean back on the chair during lecture and having an admirable friend, Michelle commented, "Your hair so soft" (I am a vain cow, I know.)

- Have a sarcastic stranger trying to be nice to you and said, "If I don't like you, I won't visit your blog. And your English SEEMS ok."

- Tell your new Programme Director you’re sad, and he offers to buy you a Happy Meal on Friday night for dinner. :D

- Have the Dance Instructor having faith in you and high expectations of you. "Shanice, I expect you to lie flat on the floor" *with my legs split open, stretching* (Noorin)

- Be offered a part-time job offered to me – pushcart sales girl – at Junction 8 on weekends selling CoffeeBear products. Hur.

- Know that your future IS grades are secured when you realized you have made two extremely knowledgeable new guy friends, who discussed about Genetically Modified Foods brilliantly, how Christian name came about patiently, and able to draw plants SOOO well, I’m impressed. The humour they offer is a plus point. ☺

- Have Eileen’s Girl with a One Track Mind lying at the bottom of the bag. Yay, more sex stories!an efficient way to improve my English!

- Own an hour slot on Wednesday to host your show alone on Heatwave. (11am by the way, and you can use the intranet, hor!)

- To hear that I can claim my $18 cab fare from Daddy! :D

- See how funny Daniel the Spiderman said with a strict face, “ This sem I’m going to work hard and pay attention. If not, you’re just going to DIE,” at the beginning of the day, but after lunch you see him dozing off, rocking gently from side to side, front and back, to find a comfortable spot to sleep. HAHAHAHAHA.

- Know "What would you get from a brothel?"
Hor Fun (whore fun).

- Also Know "What is the maximum speed you can reach during sex?"
68km/hr, because at 69, you’ll have to turn the other way round.


It is very disturbing to:

- Have an Advertising tutor with a Ken Lim persona. It is very demanding.

- Have your classmates and a couple of schoolmates actually think that you shag (word adopted because I just read the book) regularly, and a couple actually visualize you in action? {The ones I liked, accepted. The rest, ugh.}

- Have to smell an obese guy’s greasy hair (or maybe that’s just his odour) in the morning on bus 74.

- Have cried swollen both eyes the previous night and no matter how I apply my eyeliner on the lids, they just smudge, thus wasting a lot of my preparation time.

- Need to pay $72 for two textbooks which I know that wouldn’t serve much purpose to my education because I know I won’t be reading them because they’re too content-heavy.

- Use one word to describe why MSN now works on everybody’s MAC but not mine, and I have to use fake ‘msn’ in school. GREAT.

- Hear this from Gracey, "Eh, your arms seems to grow fatter luh huh?" (I do agree with the statement, I gained several pounds. :( )

- Receive pervertic comments from your Indian friend, VK, "Shanice.....I told you not to wear this stockings already right......?"

- Wear my current neon yellow top but received these kind of feebacks.

"You should put the letters 'CWO' on your back."

"You remind me of the school's traffic police, go join them leh." (Kimo, Mag, Darrick, few others)

Updated: "Raise your hand while crossing the roads kids, for safety." (Rick)
- Realize it's very tiring for every Tuesday of this semester having lectures for 9 hours, with only one hour break in between. Hate days.

- Have your laptop battery drained very fast for the first 3 days of school. ( I barely used the battery at all during the holidays, unless I bring it to the loo with me for big business. Heh.)

The Undecided:

A nightmare to not be able to sleep at all on the first night school reopens because the nose is blocked, and spent the whole night flipping, just trying to get some oxygen into your body.

It’s a dream to have this surreal feeling that he turned up beside your bed, trying means to put you to sleep when you can’t breathe, even though you know it’s impossible.

- I'm actually enjoying reading the book and can't wait to proceed further for more escapades, seriously thinking about the topics dwelling in the book.


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