Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thiang, An Actress -

Dream on!

A friend of mine asked me for a small favour about a month ago regarding his filming project. He asked if I could act for him, and I gladly obliged.

It was only until this week that I totally regret my decision, not because of the people, but because I was too damn #@$#*U@$#!& tired to even do it properly. Somehow, I am still feeling guilty of not putting my 100% into the role (even if it's a small one).

So I had to reach school at 9am in the morning on a bright Saturday. I couldn't deny how much I dread lulling myself out of bed. :( But for my nice friend, the director, he coughed up the cab fare for me. Hur.

To begin with, this is my new prop/handphone accessory:

Cute huh?

It ain't on my phone anymore, because the ringing sound this bell makes is annoying. I feel like I cat wherever I go. :D Moreover, I prefer my old, rusty Golden Snitch (well, supposedly!).

My friend paid for the drinks. Heh. Guilty pleasure (the very innocent way). The plot revolves around that Rena (me) is a very careless and forgetful girl (Eh, why do I find this so familiar leh?), who always leave her things lying around. This time round, she lures a stalker when she left her keys on a coffeshop table.

After lunch we headed off to Commonwealth to an old uncle's house. It's so 80's such that I find this asset lying on the desk.
Super old school! The buttons on the television set, with no remote, and the very bad quality visuals. And yes, we were watching to the Chinese Opera while waiting for filming to commence.

The shooting dragged on till 5 plus where we finally head down for the last couple of scenes. On the contrary, the neighbourhood environment is the kind I fancy. I was enjoying the scenery while walking down the lane. Heh. Nolstagic seh.

I was let off at 6pm and being paid for to cab down to my friend's place to cook. Heh.

The Assistant Director's berms interest me. Dark green checkered prints is like a vintage vogue kind of thing. Anyway, say hi to my $5 lousy flats. :D They don't provide support for my legs but it doesn't bite! ^-^

For dinner, we conjured up 30 fried smelt fishes (approximately), onion omelette, kai lan in oyster sauce and tofu with mince meat, stir fry. Yum. :)

I have to get back to Advertising now. People ARE getting on my nerves.

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