Monday, December 3, 2007

Found & Lost


I really have to swear.

Screw it!

Yes my wallet has been found, but I found out that my card reader and 1GB SD card for the camera is lost.

I left it at the TV Studio on Wednesday (or so I assume). The last time I transferred my photos, it was there. And before I left the studio, I was unable to check as they switched off the lights before I even pack anything. It was pitch black and I was left alone there, with my stuffs lying all over the place.

Come to think of it, I'm a bit angry now. >:(

So if any kind soul who reads this blog entry happen to bypass the TV Studio, please kindly help me keep it and return me asap! Efforts much appreciated, I owe you a meal. :)
This was taken the night Kimmo and I went to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Did I mention it was soooo good? I am so very tempted to get the soundtrack album now! :D

Well, and that's my handphone wallpaper for now. I switch constantly between this and *coughs* another one. :P

Momo says she looks like Paul's counterpart here. Haha, which is pretty true. I still prefer her long locks.

Hi my name is An An. I'm 20 years old. I'm also known as the Safety Bear and my main task is to protect my owner and my loved ones. :) Although I have some limbs broken and nose gone, I am still in good condition. The owner treats me with extra care, dotes on me, and give me kisses every day. I'm a happy plush toy. :D

This week I've been slightly healthier in the form of my metabolism. I managed to shit more than usual! Yay. Anyway, my skin condition is so bad I had to photoshop them. Sigh. I just hope it's due to PMS. Please.


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