Saturday, February 16, 2008



Where did I put my iPod Touch?!?!?!
I can't find it!
Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

* * *

Advertising is almost over, only left with the final bang on Wed. Sigh, I've spent the entire day doing very unproductive things.

The day where my Advertising campaign photoshoot took place, and my model backed out last minute, we had no choice but to make do with whatever we have. Neng, Sis and I had a lot of fun thouhgh. Hur.

* * *

The day I finished all my presentations in school, it felt like half a heaven. Neng brought Shy and I to NYDC for a feast. Borders happened to be our favourite hangout.Then, Neng and I headed over to Zouk for a lil' bit of relaxation.

Shy being very cute here. :D

iPod Touch!!!!

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