Saturday, February 16, 2008


Valentine's Day might be over-rated, but guys still go the extra mile and prepare a little something for friends around me even when we have exams the following day.

That's sweet!

Luckily this year I stayed indoors, so I do not need to look at the smug faces of those whose hands carry bouquet of roses and/or couples wearing couple tees.

I think all I want, is still a handmade card. After all, you can keep it till the day you die.
This year I wished for a fresh stalk of tulip the day before.

But it was impossible. And it's fine.
I felt much much happier finding out from girlfriends what they did and what they received. Hur.

I hope you enjoyed yours like I had enjoyed mine, with a high influx of passion! :D

* * *

A couple of weeks ago while my schoolmates were preparing to record their demonstration show - Muffin Decoration.

Setting up the stage and preparation of ingredients. (I was Floor Manager)

Making the sugary cream.

LinkShe makes FANTASTIC cupcakes. For her creations you can view them HERE. And you ca check out her website at

A 10-sec stunt pulled off by Mong herself.

That was supposed to be given to Mr. Lee to brighten up his otherwise horrible school days.
But it ended in my stomach instead.

Clarity was quick to grab a couple of them, packed in a box for her and her guy. :)

Pretty Michelle on the left was the host.

Amelia the Director and Magdalene the CG person.

Happy Belated V-day! :P

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