Saturday, March 15, 2008

Granny's Ripe Old Age

She turned 80. Goodness, living for the eighth decade must really be quite an amazing thing huh?

Well, provided that your family and friends are still there for you.

This year's celebration was nothing short of a feast.

The richer two uncles booked a room specially just for this occasion and was prolly one of the longest dinner I've ever attended - 6pm to 11pm.

Sis gave us a uh, surprise when we met her at the hotel. She extended her hair. Daddy commented that she became a "Bai fa mo nu" (white hair demon ghost) while I told her it looked fake. Hur.

However, she looked way more feminine!

So while I was away on a toilet break (to call Neng as well), somebody took my cam to take pictures of them sons and daughters toasting to my grandmother.

They looked genuinely happy, no?

Check our my dad's expression (second from right).

The course was served ever so slowly man (I think they did it on purpose) and midway there was a karaoke session, where my uncles and aunt (old neighhbour when I was living in Ang Mo Kio) started singing their favourite old tunes (my uncle brought his own CD I think!) Haha. Talk about old school.

My cousin (newly weds) were asked to perform a song too, but they quickly rejected. Hur.

My sis and I might become the bridesmaids for their upcoming wedding in September! So exciting, would be my first if it happens!

One thing to note though, that the video accompanying the songs, have nothing to do with the content at all. All was nothing but girls clad skimpily in bikinis and doing stupid motions. What got worse was that with each video, the model seems to be wearing bikini with less cloth.

Not that I'm conservative, but it was totally inconvenient and just not right for the event.

I was surprised when I saw my 28-year-old cousin volunteered to sing us a Hokkien song. :D

At the end of the dinner, where every one was already full, we had the cake cutting.

Very nice, but we're all too darn full to eat anything else!

Last but not least, the family photo. Each family took turns to take photo with granny. I can't believe my uncle can be so cute as to go the extent of bringing our own decoration for the picture. And it was constantly being moved around in the room. Hilarious.

All this happened on the 9th day of CNY.

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