Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Primary School Gathering

When was the last time you saw your primary school mates?

I met mine on the third day of Lunar New Year, and they've picked to meet at New York New York at Ang Mo Kio.

Amongst us there's this big, no I mean pretty huge guy named Lionel. His appetite is really scary. Somehow he always wants to beat us all at eating and show us how much can go into his humongous tummy.

Note: The white plate in the foreground is actually our standard spaghetti bowl. On the menu, it states that the burger feed 4-5 people. Yet, he finished it all by himself.


My childhood besties Shi Wee and Wen Yuan!

Those would be the class clowns, Si Wei/Xu and Lloyd.

I still remember those days where we always go Denna's house, shopping, bitching and sadly, writing letters.

The twin brothers who rear massive poisonous spiders as their hobby. That's Zhi Xuan on the left.

The abusive boy, I remember, hitting me for no reason until I hit back. 0,0

The turnout wasn't that bad afterall. But then I realised the girls are always the same few, and separated into cliques (yes, up till now).

The big guy!

The army boy, quiet and reserved, now is a muscle man.

Annette used to be our class prefect.

I used to think I can socialise, maybe not the elites, but definitely able to strike conversations with others. As I grow older each day, or perhaps for some unknown reasons, I find myself getting lousy at that. I cease to question, to want to know. Ugh, lost touch.

I got to get active again.

Shite, I just got myself and Eil into deep trouble! F***!

Why am I ALWAYS saying the wrong things?!


Sorry Eileen.

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