Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mass Wedding

That was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for my grandparents, uncle/auntie and Tiu Gong and Gor Pou.

If I didn't remember wrongly, there were 62 couples renewing their vows, and 6 other newly weds.

Because it was an event that's huge, some media coverage, and even printed wedding cards (some more!) for each and every guest, I thought the hall where we dine would be grand as well, thus we need to dress up.

See I made my hair so neat!

I even wore my new dress from Revoltage, while Sis permed her (fake) hair. Heh.

And also applied eyeliner.

And to our great disappointment, the wedding was held in the middle of the road (the reason why the streets were closed for the evening). The weather was humid, and it was packed. We sat on cheap plastic chairs that stretch over the entire street that's a tad bit too far from the main stage (like can see anything like that).

Even the 舞狮舞龙 troupe looks bored (they were yawning while waiting, caught it act).

Bright lightings, red prosperous greetings hung everywhere.

The event began with introducing all the wedded couples. This first pair is the oldest, and are my relatives! Cute only.

The buzz and excitement really uplifted the sian-ness. But then, as it continues with the 12th couple, my sian-ness was back as the naming dwells on. Imagine he announces the 64th couple.

Each couple gets a traditional gift hamper (in old-time baskets) and a new cute certificate!

The host of the night was Marcus Chin (can't believe I have to Google for his name), with him dressed in not-s0-traditional Chinese robes.

There, my grandparents. The first time in my entire life I get to see my grandparents getting married!

I got really bored while waiting so I walked around the premise, taking snapshots.

The VIP seats, doesn't look like they're all filled huh?

Following that the new couples were introduced and did the exchanging of vows etc, also a lengthy procedure.

Initially, I thought I would be dramatically touched but no, I was pretty dull, what with the humid weather.

I walked further away. I reckoned this is the bridal salon where they rent their gowns and suits.

My other relatives, looking hawt! :D

I walked back to my seat and chatted with Neng. Standing right in front of me was Henry Thia. Tsk tsk, he was checking out girls along with two other guys, like it's not obvious. Haha.

Ah, his skin was badly burnt, so pardon his sad face.

Gosh! The real exciting part, for bloody 18 years, I've never seen my grandparents close before (they always argue, and sleep in different rooms), but they kissed! Yes, smooched. Not once, not twice, but thrice for the press! Heh. Juicy.

Looking forced ...


The younger generation has a shorter attention span, it's scientifically proven ogay.

Another celebrity loitering around.

The ceremony is finally over! Couples walked hand in hand, receiving congratulatory greetings from family and friends. ^-^

My cousins and family.

My Tiu Gong (very loud) donned in an adorable outfit.

Grandma changed back to her normal clothes, and took with us couples. Heh.

Mommy seems to have a fetish for old women, really old women. She was so eager to go over the old woman(third from left) and hold her hand, talk to her etc. Funny.

The dinner was buffet style, it was nice, but we were expecting a full-course dinner right?!

I think he looks like Edison here, no? Ogay, maybe not the eyes.

He (right) almost did not want to take photo because of the height difference. Hur.

He's actually not that far in hitting the board you know.

Daddy drove us all home. I reached home, feeling empty (walao what were they thinking? No tables nor fans nor Shark Fin's soup!).

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