Sunday, March 16, 2008

Granny's Misfortune

Two entries ago I was blogging about how happy she was a month back when she celebrated her 80th birthday.

Then, this morning at 8am, she fell down at the toilet in her home, and now is staying in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Is this unlucky or what?

She doesn't even know what caused her fall. She wasn't feeling dizzy, nor was the floor wet, and there was no lousy rubber slipper around that she slipped on. She just fell.

And after X-ray, the doctor said it was serious. Her hip has dislocated entirely, and her bones had chipped and cracked. She's is in much pain, and unable to walk, making her handicapped.

If she undergo the operation, then she has to take a certain level of risk because she has high blood pressure and diabetes. If the operation fails, she'll get a stroke, and become a vegetable.

Either choice, it's such a tough decision. Will only know the decision on Monday.

And she doesn't know her leg is broken. She doesn't know she can't walk anymore. They doesn't want her to know, yet. Or it might shock her.

So she was pretty spirited when we visited her today, and she complained about loads of stuffs ( and made me laugh). One that includes why my cousin (also 18 years old) go Lasik surgery. And she still not used to daddy not wearing specs.

Poor thing.

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