Sunday, March 16, 2008

Those Dance Days

Back in 2003, my school held an arts event at the Victoria Theatre.

The performance includes the String Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Opera,Wushu and none other than Dance (us!). Weird thing that the drama people didn't out up a programme though.

Dance was the main highlights because if I didn't remember wrongly, we had about 5-6 items.

Those dance days were the best. As a couple of days ago I was feeling nolstalgic, I wanted to relive those glory days looking at my dance videos and photos, but guess what?! THERE WAS NONE!

Like seriously, WTH?!!! No videos of the extravaganza event nor Singapore Youth Festival(SYF) 03 and 05.

I only managed to find a couple of photos for the extravaganza event, which in this case, the SYF 03 item was showcased.

Note: It's not simple recognizing me here (I totally look like Ren Yao {transvestite}). Heh.
EXTRA Note: Don't laugh at the costume and makeup and props leh, please?

I still recall then when we trained so hard 3-4 times a week, sometimes even on weekends, and we have bruises all over the knees. Plus, the stretching, chatting, playing afool etc.

And many theft cases as well. Tsk.

Then of course at the backstage there were many vain pots(no, I wasn't one of them then) ...

We require lots of stretching and Ametz Yoko Yoko (the heating effect on skin makes us sweat, thus open the pores and make us even more 'warmed up').

"This is my lunch."

Not forgetting play pals and biscuits. Haha.

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