Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Unnecessary Evil

I lost my watch exactly one week ago. Yep. The O.D.M one. Must be some bitch stolen it.

Why I say?

I was asked to perform with some NC juniors/seniors at Sheraton Hotel. They booked a hotel room for us. We changed and I took off my watch, putting it right smack in the middle of the big big bed (white sheets). Very obvious.

Only dancers and committee members were granted access to this room. After performance, the watch is gone. Doesn't that make a lot of sense?!

So anyway, the person deserved to be kicked in the groin by me.

* * *

It turns out I shouldn't be so excited about the dinner after all. Other than the food was great, the company wasn't fantastic (excluding Desleen and friend).

Us girls in the dance costume.

The dining table was lovely because of the rainbow lighting effects, first time I ever see this. It really does enhances the mood.

I was asked to go to the toilet so I tagged along. And found a cute little angel lying on the sofa one level below me.

The toilet lamp nice only. I had the urge to cut the line connecting the glass and bring home some of them.

That's Desleen Decinta Yeo _____ ______ (insert Chinese Name). Funny girl she is.

I might consider holding my future wedding dinner here. Seriously. Very good ambience and food. Beyond those glass windows, it's like a rainforest setting.

And a toast to Nan Chiau for 61 years of Chinese(haha) education. I brought home the cup by the way. Heh.

What? We are allowed to!

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