Thursday, March 27, 2008

Watching Her Dance

A performer should feel proud and confident when he/she performs on stage.

A week before my attachment starts my sis was involved with her school dance and we all attended it.

Last year there was a similar dance, and from what I observed, I saw improvement. While she was swirling and swinging and doing all sorts, I was so anxious for her, as if worried she might do something wrong because her expressions spells S-C-A-R-E-D.

So the Temesek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble consists of both hip-hop dancers and contemporary jazz dancers. I liked the choreography and the attitude they deliver. However, what I feel was that the hip-hop dancers outshine the jazz dancer because of the music, the attitude, the costumes etc.

The worst thing an audience would want is the uber lousy lightings within the auditorium.
Note to TP: Please do something about them, it's not like you're not rich enough (considering half of the Bedok Reservoir belongs to you).

I understand when my parents feel left out because the entire auditorium were filled with youngsters, what happened to all their parents?

Frankly speaking, I like their theme of designing the brochure into a SBS bus guide booklet (it doesn't look like one!), yet I don't see them following the theme such that the dance doesn't say
about SBS buses. Inside, there were only the dancers' names and a couple of black and white photos of their instructors. Boring.

In the feedback form, it asked, "How much do you think the tickets should be?"
  1. Less than $6
  2. $6
  3. $10
  4. $15
We bought it at $15. You say leh?

Jian Wei had to wear formal because last year when he came to watch, he came in singlet/T-shirt, shorts and slippers, which displeased my sister a lot. Plus, he came in late and missed one od my sis's dance. This year, he came 10 mins early. Woh, things a guy would do to make one happy huh?

Just in case you're interested to see TPDE's standards, the whole dance concert is uploaded HERE ON YOUTUBE.

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