Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planning Ahead

Time spent in the office is not time well spent. I only have Swee to keep me company because him talking to me is the only thing that keeps me sane.

It's funny how I introduce online gadgets to him (eg. Twitter) and he teaches me HTML and all, at the same time exchanging knowledge (sometimes being shamelessly helpful and stalker behaviour).

These days, he told me what a Draft Blogger is - it's a platform where you can blog an entry and only allows it to be published at your stipulated timing. Simply amend the date and time in the Post Options at the end of entry to your desired published date and timing.

You're looking at one now. :)

Swee and I are both hooked to blogging. Meanwhile, if I have time, I want to make amendments to my blog. Feedback I heard was that my blog is kind of too cluttered. I've decided to change the banner some time back anyway!

* * *

QQ's so pampered! And I guess she enjoys tremendously when allowed rolling on my bed. Sis barged into my room and slept on my bed, dragging QQ with her.

I can't resist but scream 'cute!" when QQ props her head up on my Sis's waist while she was asleep.

QQ has also developed very strong teeth, chewed on my earphones (and spoiling it), and tore the beanie that I passed to her to play. 0,0. This morning, she tore my sketching designs of my website into pieces! Whenever she wants to get my attention to play with her, she tends to get a little rough and play-bite me. Grrr. Spank her bottom.

I must admit I have neglected Leopard, the inanimate Leopard. Hur. Occasionally I still play with it, and watch the video of "Pink Panther", humming the tune ~ da da da dum, da dum, da dum da dum da dum da dum da dum....da da da dum~.

Kimmo and I call this, a Schnauzer Cut. :D

QQ after the haircut.

"Woh, I'm feeling giddy!"

It doesn't look like there's any difference isn't it?

The next grooming session, I intend to trim in this way:

Short hair! Easy to maintain, and she'll look cuter. ^^ Thanks Shy for the recommendation.
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