Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Puppy Woes

QQ went for her first grooming session on Sunday!

Though it was unexpected, I still managed to squeeze time in between to bring her there, and came home, botak!

Initially, her fur to too damn long. Plus she enjoys chewing the raw hide, thus her saliva is always dripped all over her hands, thus the hair is dry and tangled up.

After shaved clean, now she's looks so skinny, and naked.
Uncle says I need to feed her more and bring her out to exercise so she looks fit.
Besides, Uncle asked if she barks very often. Hmm.

I said no, she seldom barks, but whine a lot.
Uncle gave me that uncertain expression. I guessing, over there while grooming, she must be behaving like a mad puppy and they disciplined her. I wonder.

At the same time, her food supply ran low and Jian Wei recommended me to change it to Nutro One. She's currently taking Eukanuba (seems to make a her coat dry), so I decided to purchase it.

So here's the problem.

QQ started developing little dot-like things like pimples on her skin, not restricted to any particular area. The moment she reached home from grooming, she started scratching her face very much (before that also have, but now even more prevalent). I checked it every day but there's no bump or fleas. The little bumps occur on top of head, on the nose bridge, underarm, arm, upper neck.

Yesterday I only spotted two. So I applied the ointment and today one disappeared while the other seems became significantly smaller. But I discovered like 5 others. Kao.

They aren't clustered so I really don't know what's the problem and it starts to worry me a lot. Uncle says its due to dirt/germs. I'll shower her tomorrow and see what happens.

Is it the shaving that cause such itchiness and bumps or is the the change of food (I did mix them up) or the recent heat wave?

Ugh. Worried sick. Poor little girl.

Advice/help, anyone? :(

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