Monday, June 16, 2008

Lobster Thiang

It all began with us the Heatwave people thinking that because we won the Street Fest competition, we get to enjoy $50 worth of KBox session.

And so we travelled down together, excluding Lamont and Marc, and headed to Cathay Cineileisure. Our hopes are dashed when the counter girl told us that we can't use the vouchers, as they are only available during KGolden (which costs $30+ per person per session so it totally defeat the purpose) and the free drink vouchers only available each per room, plus with membership (super annoying!).

Thus we still decided to sing and paid $20.50 each. :(
This is the first time I sang so many English songs. =,=

Anyway according to Darrick and Kym the alcoholics, since the price includes two standard drinks (even bottle of beer) so it is worth the money!

As a typical Singaporean, I ordered one bottle one hour before we leave.
We did bottoms up and drank. Then Darrick received a call saying I might have to emcee an event with him last minute, so I downed my beer fast. For the first time, I felt breathless.

Mag drank a little, so little because she is allergic to alcohol and she look a little dazed.

As for Kym, who drinks most of the time, she is well-trained in this area. No idea why she was emo-ing.

Since I seldom drink and I always drink slowly, plus I sang out loud almost shouting, within minutes I became like this:

But I recovered from this state about an hour later! :D

I still don't like the feeling of seeing stars in my eyes, and the churning stomach.

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