Saturday, June 21, 2008

Street Festival Wow! Semi-Finals

As Singapore Street Festival came to an end, Wow! Band Competition (known as Best of the Best Competition previously) was the main highlight for the closing. These were the last two days we emceed for Street Fest.

It was held at Plaza Singapura and boy was it fun. This time round due to the loud but good music , crowds gathered even though the bands were just doing sound checks.

The semi-final round commenced and surprise surprise, two of our friends dropped by too.

Mag was popular and bumped into her friend who happened to the friend of one of YY's favourite band Supernova and was soon chatting away.

The guy we worked with that day was Nigel from Pulze (who reminds me of Shaun).

Note: Only after I edited this photo do I realised I spelt the band's name wrongly. Hee. He's the vocalist of the champion band, Axe Calibur.

Darrick and a couple of them were using my notes and in this one, he was erm, memorising the information?

The dynamic duo, Johari and Panda, is my favourite sound team! They're so jovial all the time and Panda even passed me his secret collection of groovy music! Thanks!

Karin, the head of Pulze currently. I happened to partner with her for the Finals.

The moment they finished their performance, many were singing praises and were predicting that they would win the competition.

The right hand man of Annie Pek (the founder/hag/b!tch) is a nice guy.

I know this is super unglam for the up and coming Superband finalist, but I can't help but snap a candid photo of him, with Emerson in the background looking sheepish. :D

I didn't know these were taken until I loaded them into ButtPop. Mag and I did the closing for the night (which wasn't good, sadly).

That guy in red could make somebody drool in her sleep. Haha. The lead singer of Supernova, Shawn (no idea about the spelling) gives her the jitters. Anyway if I'm not mistaken, you can see him in the current KFC advertisement on TvMobile and Channel 5.

The finalists also include Hidama, Supernova, Quis and (insert name - band that play instrumentals). Sorry I can't recall!

Winner of WoW! Band Compeition, walking away with $300o worth of prizes (normally bullshit). Personally I like the drummer (left). And the bassist (I suppose) on the right resembles Afiq.

Something bad happened on the last day which made me really really blew my top but I had to swallow it down. Nothing could be done but I wished I will never see them daughter/mother again or I'll give them a piece of my mind.

On the bright side, I've meet many many new people and exposed to more local bands/music and gained emcee-ing experience.

This was taken after the even ended. For a reason. *coughs* Yoka *coughs*

All in all, good job guys!

Can't believe I dragged this post for 12 days! 0,0

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