Friday, June 13, 2008

Power 98 Campus Radio

I'm taking a step forward in realizing my dream as a Deejay.
Ever since I've joined Radio Heatwave, life is better, and we got lots of chances to attend events and also a collaboration with Power 98.

Apparently there was a MOU signed and we have Super Mario as our mentor while we learn under him.

Every Sunday morning 10-11am, you can catch me and my crew our Power 98's Campus Radio. For more information, you can check out Power 98's website and Radio Heatwave's website.

This weekend, it would be Darrick, Kym, Marc and I. So if you happen to be like Fung who wakes up early every day, you can tune in to us for one hour of casual talk. Heh.

So we all have been working on scripts and music, traveling down to recording studios etc.

If you're interested to hear us, here:

Radio Heatwave

Feel free to give some feedback. :)

The capsules are produced by:
Facts To Go - Kym
Life's Happy Secrets - Khurshed
Teen Sports - Lamont
Strut Your Style - Mag

Bite Size - Darrick

Tit For Tech - Marc

Mine is called Blog Buzz, but because I'm pretty new, I have only two capsules that are not put out in CD yet. It is aired on Power 98 though. :)

In addition to the capsules, we also made our own jingles and signature tunes.

Ian the sound engineer.

Darrick the General Manager:

Catch us on the school intranet if you're in Ngee Ann Poly, 9am-6pm daily, weekdays.

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