Sunday, July 13, 2008

Have You Seen These?

If you happen to be from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and coincidentally dropping by the FMS block or Canteen 1, be sure to look out for the following posters!

What am I blabbering about?

Other than Yi Yuin, I’m the other person whom can speak fluent Mandarin in RHW. I was in-charge to design a couple of Chinese Heatwave posters months ago and I came up with these:


Badge Poster


Earphones Poster (The faces there damn cheesey I know) 


Mousey Poster (oh the lovely colours!) 



I know they are considered pretty amateurish but I’m proud I did them anyway. It’s a learning process that counts, no? Hee.

Anyway, my favourite poster is the “badge” theme, where a bunch of badges are pinned, with pictures of the “on air” block, our own part-timer deejay and the imitation of “I <3 NY” logo.

Next would be the multi-coloured “mouse” icons all over the white background. I’m not sure if you get the message I was trying to convey: mouse as in the mouse we use for computers VS nuisance mouse. RHW is available on the Intranet so I came up with this idea.

In any case, I’m plastering these posters outside the Continuity Room in Canteen 1 and at the FMS block (only places where we no need to ask for permission).

Have you seen them?

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