Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Advertising Creatives II

In the Hotmail Inbox I received yet another forwarded mail. Judging by the title of “These are the Ads we want to see!”, I assumed they are those I’ve already seen before (and posted here), but I was wrong.

Instead, it turned out to be another more interesting series of advertisements. I’m guessing they aren’t very new to my fellow Advertising fanatics, but still.

Like this one in the picture, it shows how harmful cigarettes are and discourage drivers to smoke.

This one from Lego I haven’t seen before. No idea they would actually advertise on such a huge platform.

Wha placement of product huh? It’s not nail varnish… I just forgotten what it’s called. But for now I’m going to call it correction fluid. :P

 Then there’s this FHM ad that makes the boobies stand out a lot more than it already is.


Simple and straightforward. Time to shed those extra pounds. Very cute.

Ah, the next one ought to be my favourite. To show how efficient this certain brand of shaver is…

Brilliant, is it not?

Too bad I’m not into Advertising. *gives Eileen a look*

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