Friday, August 1, 2008

Change Topic


I haven't been updating since last week. This is due to the fact I've been very, very busy and exhausted from the Big Move!

Out of a week, three nights are spent downing alcohol (obliged to do so mind you) but I loved all the company! As a result, I've been wanting sleep more than ever and the photos aren't sort out yet. Besides, the ones last Fri with the Graffiti Girls, Minty haven't upload them!

Anyway, in an attempt to change the topic, here's two drawings I did because I was too damn bored and sleepy when I was at __________, so this is just to keep me awake.

Don't ask me what that code means, because I'm not going to tell. :)

Just in case you're interested, the Big Move was freaking tiring and my house is like a shithole now. Super messy and still kinda dusty.

Here's a teaser (LOL):

From this to this:


From the fans to the wall colour (except the floor tiles and windows can't be helped), I picked it. Heh.

Only of course my room no longer look like this. In any case, I'm finally getting quality sleep. It's been a long 10 years since I get that. Plus, when my fan is on at '2', it feels like the air-con at 25 degrees. Shiok.

Digression: Argh!!!! My laptop is running out of memory space, threatening at a dangerous 203MB left. I hate the old Macbook! :(

Okay, time to get rid of the movies. Sigh.

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