Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Derrick Hoh's D-Day

From the first season of  , we have Derrick Hoh - the second runner-up from the Males’ category. It had been two years since the competition, yet his avid fans had not forgotten him. 

On 31 July, Derrick finally released his debut album named “Unclassified”. As if to prove his popularity, all the CDs in all major music outlets were sold out the moment people are allowed to  purchase! Good job! Fans who have not had the chance to buy the album will have to wait for the second batch of CDs. ☹

With his boyish good looks, Derrick Hoh is definitely here to stay, especially with the teenagers. He had ditched his army boy image and now presented in a wholesome manly manner. In this new album, he had also picked up dancing and in one of the music videos, he did a provocative one with two sexy babes from Taiwan.

The MVs were shown on the screen (above).

A month ago, Magdalene and I went down to The Fashion Bar at The Cannery to celebrate his victory. Despite standing at a small frame of 1.68m, the multi-talented dude edited his own videos as well as created his own website and blog!

This was the video clip he compiled that included behind-the-scenes footages.

 "Come come, let's all watch the video".

The host was 93.3FM DJ, Pei Fen, whom I think did a great job too.

Throughout the two-hour interview, he shared with the media his agony of preparing for this album and the filming experiences. The sixth song in the album was inspired by host Quan Yi Feng because during the Superstar competition, she once mentioned about his muffled speech when singing. A pretty interesting song I would say. :d

As a pleasant surprise, Derrick’s pals  (also the candidates) from came down to show their support! These friends include busker Chen Wei Lian, Chanel, Shi Xin Hui, Silver, and a few others.

They were supposed to dish out his dirty secrets but Derrick's too clean! :D

Each of them gave him some words of encouragement and of congratulations.
I personally recommend his two hits “Unclassified”  and “碰碰爱”. Derrick’s power vocal shone through along with the music. With his ongoing efforts pumped into this one, we can hear his hard work from two of his creations in the album too.

Here's an Imeem page if you want to listen to his album!

Or alternatively if you adore him, you can visit him at his blog site.

Did you know that he was an Ngee Ann graduate?


Attachment is over! I'm no longer part of the full-time crew of RHW.

I swear I'm going to miss the silly times with  Lamont and Kym.

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