Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prawn FAIL

In this case, I'm the only failure of the bunch! :(

In the office, Darrick have been telling us so much about his prawning escapades and how it had become his latest hobby, and we have also been discussing for a long time to go prawning together.

Well the rest of them did go for prawning a few times already, and the reason why I was absent was because I either 1) diarrhoea so I stayed home, 2) Forgot about the prawn date and went out or  3) "have something on"; so much so that they start to get irritated by me. Damn guilty.

So this is how a normal conversation starts, with Darrick acting stupid.

I would bug them and ask, "When can we go prawning together?!!!"

"YOU SURE YOU FREE OR NOT? Not going out with ___ or ___?"

"Pfft, tell me a date then I'll set that day free!"

"Okay, tonight."

"Huh, cannot. I have something on."

"Okay, tomorrow night."

"Huh, but I'm going to.... in fact, I'm not free unless it's Sunday. How about next Tues?"

"WTF. We go on our own already. "

"What! Don't like that leh!"

They will then proceed to ignore me. 0,0

Of course I managed to go prawning with them once!

I dislike the journey there though. That kinda day where you already looked and felt horrible yet you have to carry your laptop and big bag and walk a long distance in the humid weather to reach a destination to get bitten by mosquitoes? Ya, that kind.

We finally reached this forbidden place named Bottle Tree Park.

I was looking forward to it because I liked beautiful scenery and all, but the 'park' turned out to be the size of two standard classrooms merged together, with three tiny trees scattered around.

Of the three, this is the most gorgeous one already. I do like the odd shape though. Heh.

Anyway the prawning place is at Yishun and next to the Bottle Tree Park.

I refused to mention the part where I did not manage to catch any prawns. Too many a time I allow the prawns to steal my bait and when I want to hook it out, it got away.

At the very least, I made myself useful by helping to pull out the pincers and wash them and I skewered them alive (stupid twitchy thingys)! Heh. Pretty proud of myself. Unless I am taught how to fish out the prawns, I told them I am not going back to the place again. What a waste of my money. :(

But the tasty BBQ-ed prawns justified for my money spent. Heh.

I gained some knowledge about prawning though - like how I should always pluck out the blue pincers coz' they can grab and I can bleed. Also grab the sides of the prawns, not the middle near the stomach coz' the tail can still sting if they swing it your way! :D

Ah, perhaps Uncle Jaywalk can enlighten me about getting the prawns out of the water, in practice. Heh.

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