Sunday, November 2, 2008

Airport Terminal 3

This trip was made some few weeks ago when I had tea with Eddie near midnight.

We were chatting casually and figured that since we haven't been to T3 before, it's a good idea that we check out the place. Initially we wanted to visit the 24-hr bookstore (as stated on the Information Board) but we were cheated.

Since I'm a die-hard fan of TCC, I suggested that we chill out there since I was having a sweet tooth.

I picked this:
It has a fancy name called Triple Chocolate Obsession or something. Yes, I do find it very small, but nevertheless it's a good piece of cake. Heh. I love the dark chocolate embellishment.

We can't make up our minds as to what to drink so I thought we could try their new Halloween recipe:
Which I can't remember what the names were anymore. I think the drinks were brilliantly themed, and it kills me to NOT know what the drinks were made of. I asked the waiter (Douglas *ahem*) but he said it was meant to be a surprise (very cute).

T3 looked awesome, but the viewing deck either sucked, or I didn't go to the right place. The whole TreeTops theme is pretty creative, I thought. I like it in the night where it's so damn quiet and vacant.

So I'm now in the quest of becoming a TCC member, so if you wanna have dinner/hi-tea/lunch there, please do not hesitate to text me! :D

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