Wednesday, November 12, 2008

QQ's Debut!

Hello, I'm QQ and this is my debut entree. Woofps, I meant 'entry'.  So here I embark on my territorializing mini journey during my weekend trips.

Bear Pa had been very kind, bringing QQ alongside with Bear and Bruno to wherever – KM8, Swimming Pool and Sengkang Fernvale area.

Mommy had something on (as always) so I was left in good hands of the gentle giant.
Bear and Bruno are either my dark angels or big brothers. As cool as they appear to be, they are actually very loving and concerned about me!

Like how I Bruno was worried that I might be lonely, he joined me with some of my bunny antics –and we play pretend. It was so much fun just hopping around and Bruno. But I got a little scared when he gets a little too excited.

I have no idea I could have this expression until mommy found this picture of me on Bear’s blog. And next to me is my knight I shining armour, trying to catch up! Hahaha.

Actually I’ve been thinking Bear smell a bit funny for the whole day so I went to inspect… and apparently he haven’t showered. Okay fine, I was stealing a kiss.

With the recent hoo-ha on the case of Rottweilers-gone-wild, the AVA had set new rules for Bear’s breed and we all thought it was unfair. You can read the full article HERE and you know, make noise at the forum. I mean, judging with how I can be perfectly fine (or even better) around Bear & Bruno, Rottweilers are fine if trained! In fact, the injuries and bruises Mommy suffered from are inflicted by me. *guilty*

See, they look so majestic! Mommy was telling me how much she liked Bruno because he has a young, handsome face while Bear have this older, dumber-looking face (like his Pa). BearPa didn’t seem to be very happy though. Hur.

This is a pretty picture of me (all photos credited to BearPa) and find out more truths on Rotties THERE instead!

Yeah yeah, I know I’m underweight (blame it on Mommy) and I looked draggled, but that’s only because I just had my weekend fun!

After all, this is the first time Mommy actually let me blog about my life so I have to feature myself. Hee. :)

I hate it when Mommy always plays a trick on me by leaving me alone, like in the car. Knowing that I can’t contain the excitement when I see her when she comes back from somewhere, she’ll make the process miserable for me. BearPa took this picture when I first spotted Mommy from afar, waiting for her to come pick me up.

To further highlight the fact that Rottweilers can be extremely safe, check this out:

In case you haven’t noticed, I was actually trampling and sleeping all over Bear and Bruno while they were sleeping, having a hell lot of fun. Hahaha.

Last week we headed to the Botanic Gardens and apparently Mommy couldn’t help but hugged Bruno long and tight. I was hopping with jealousy at the side. ☹

Bruno is such a lucky boy. Mommy did say why she preferred Bruno though. He’s slightly rebellious (in a cute manner) and is the bo-chup cool cool one, Mommy’s type of guy. Sigh, I am a girl in heat and licked by many of the boys in a single day.

I feel like such a slut. ☹
No lah, they all adore me. :D

Until next time,
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