Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So after all my speculations of my negative feelings towards the iPhone, I actually kinda envious those who own it now. Not only get they download songs, videos quicly at their fingertips, whatever entertainment they need is in sync with their computer/laptop.

Who cares about incompatible bluetooth now?!!

Besides, iPhone makes pictures cool, like this:

And this:

I look so darn blissful with QQ in one hand, and Nigel in the other.

Nigel's BearPa's Sis's dog. He's such a darling I swear. Throughout the gathering, he obeyed my commands and wobbled his way out just to find me. :D

BearPa had been kind enough to lend out his ice box to me. If not, I wouldn't know what to bring.

There were games and a fight broke out, causing one of the dog owners being bitten. That was horrifying. After the commotion, everybody sort of just want to get the games over and done with. Moreover, I was late for my meeting.

QQ emerged as the first-runner up for two games (she was obviously supposed to be first for one of it) out of three games. I'm so proud of her. :)

Thank you organisers and participants! I'll see you all next at East Coast Park! Interested dog owners can contact me for details. :)

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