Friday, December 12, 2008

QQ The Terror

Hi! It's QQ reporting for again!

Today I've decided to just make a point that despite my petite size (I'm slightly smaller than a mini schnauzer, so that makes me a mini mini schnauzer, okay?), I can do damages detrimental to the humans as well.

So keep it quiet so I can show you around. But please, promise me you won't let the beans out of the bag.
Here's the damage:

Pretty impressive eh? I'm quite proud of my work, I gnawed and chewed all day to achieve this. It kinda made me feel like partying because of all the confetti on the floor. Sigh, I wished Mommy could bring me to those fancy dog parties.

You know the saying something bad happens when you least expected it? I finally understood what it meant. Upon Mommy's return that night, hell hath no fury like her.

She unleashd the inner beast in her and it was so scaaaaaary.

I had to find a "safer" spot, was what I thought. But it didn't help much. Somehow or rather using my magical puppy power, Mommy went soft when she saw me hiding under the chair. Does any of you know why she suddenly when "awww'" and rushed to her room to get the black metal thingy and started pressing its button????

Oh well, so much for asking you to keep a secret for me. I am born lucky. ^^v

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