Thursday, January 22, 2009


Before Chinese New Year,  I think I should clear my Halloween pictures. (Yes, I'm almost three months late.)

Last year, I was invited to the Night Safari to go onto the Halloween Tram Ride and listen to the soundtrack created by my friend.

Dinner was my top priority, since it was Friday night and a lethargic day at school, and I haven't had a proper lunch, so Bongo Burgers it is, the only alternative to NOT spend a bomb at Night Safari.

Even so, a western burger set costs like what, $17?

If you roam around at the entrance of the Night Safari, you spot these staff all dressed up. Some were hilarious, some supposedly to spook, but only two of them succeeded in sending chills down my spine.

She was one of them. Her acting skilss were so good, I dare not go near her. Despite all the laughter and giggle around her, she managed to maintain her stance - to creep the hell out of you. First she'll signla you to come closer to her with her fingers, one by one, in the frail-old-lady kinda way. Then she'll prop over her dimsum basket and slowly open it, while her hand is placed behind you. Who the fuck knows there's another person hidden in the dimsim baskset?!
Pic by Fendy

Other than that, there's also my obsession with anything "magical" and so Witches fall into the category. I took this while she turnd around, I hope the flash didn't blind her eyes. Never really played around with a DSLR before.

This witch was very lovable, she lent me her broom.
Pic by Fendy

According to Fendy, these two rascals are two angmoh kids hidden inside, not sure how true it is though.

The banner was nicely done, and I see that there are new attractions at the Night Safari now - Dr. Fish Spa! But they charge so much more over there than at any other normal outlets.

This would be the time when I dropped my digital camera's pouch into the toilet bowl. Gross I know, but no choice. At the same time I also saw this group of carnivores rejoicing over the fact that they have a good supper tonight.

Queing up for the animal show was a chore, plus the plot never seems to change, it's getting a little boring over the years.. no?

Pic by Fendy

I don't know what this was about.
Pic by Fendy

I'm supposed to look freaky in this one.

Pic by Fendy

The tram ride wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. The scarers weren't frightening, but the set-up as you ride along the set was amazing, very real. Especially when this butcher starts pulling out your intestines and the victim react violently on the table.
Pic by Fendy

In fact, I was very entertained throughout the ride because there was this lady sitting behind me who was so scared, the scarers decided to gang up on her, and she just kept squealing and screaming, and covering herself up and kicking, all these while shouting, "GO AWAY!" . Hahaha.

Is this kind of shots what you call multiple exposures? How do you achieve that ah?

Pic by Fendy

Just one last question before I go, would you still take a picture if the law/rule states that "No Flash Photography Allowed"? Just going in a bit on photo journalist ethics.

Pic by Fendy

All photos were taken with Nikon D60.
Pictures were taken by me unless otherwise stated. 

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