Saturday, January 17, 2009

My New Body Soap

You know Dettol's TV commercials/advertisements are effective when...

you come out of the shower feeling that you're squeaky clean and  glowing green.

You feel that all, and I mean ALL bacteria/ticks/bugs/germs just bounce off your skin the moment they try to invade the "buffer" zone. Besides, you may even imagine the ticks scratching their heads in disbelief of why they can no longer leave red marks on you.  Muahaha, now we shall just wait for a soap that kill them parasites.

My only unhappiness?

I got the wrong "flavour". :(

P.S. I've decided to come with a new year resolutions list, but the boyfriend says,

Aiyah, by the time you come up with a new year resolutions list, it will no longer be "new year".

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