Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eventful Events

As soon as I was done with the final exams, I was asked to help out for an event by a friend (not really anymore). I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet new people and mingle around so I signed up for it.

Though the event is HSBC Women's Championships, the pay was rather shitty (thanks to above friend mentioned, money-sucker!).

The first day of work was hell when we were trapped under the stuffy storeroom with no ventilation at all. We packed countless goodie bags and individual stock count, formed new bonds and spent most of the time chatting because we have to wait for the bosses for instructions.

On the first official competition day, my day was bound to kill me. It affected my mood so bad I seriously considered quitting, until I was persuaded to stay on and move on to another working location...

And then my life became great again. There, my duties was to register HSBC credit cardholders and give out coupons. Most of the rich people there are actually pretty nice, and I even bumped into Zhhen's mom.

Next to where I was seated with my colleague was this group of funky people - Felina, Andre and Co. We joked, gotten free food, played silly games and introduced ourselves to one another.

I was glad I was stationed there for the rest of the 3 days. :D
I had tried a buggy, been assigned a walkie-talkie, used a scanner and even walked across the grass patch the players walked on. Hahahaha.

As I moved over to Sky Tower to help out my friend, I was asked by a fucktard to pick up the body of a dead bird. He had the cheek to lie about the bird being a fake rubber one.

Over at the Gift Redemption Counter, I helped Shu Ting with the stock counting (the in-house accountant yo) and giving gifts (so shiok).

Though I must admit, the redemption tent is like an open concept sauna, but damp flooring and bad ventilation.

New alliances Brandon and Serena were of tremendous help to the otherwise extremely evil people the likes of *coughs* Rose and Angel *coughs*.

The 4-day event ended with a wonderful dinner/supper at Charlie's corner with much booze and delicious food.


Nearing the end of March, I worked for an event with Air Asia. Basically, we walked along the streets of Orchard Road, Raffles Place, City Hall and Bugis Street, in search of winners of the Air Asia tickets.

They were launching a new flight called the Air Asia Ex, non-stop flight from Kuala Lumpur to England.

Initially I thought this job would be easy, but I can never be so wrong. In the humid weather, shouting and walking along Orchard Road wasn't fun at all. Furthermore, we had to put up with some very rude passerbys.

As we were very loud (with Ian on drums and loudhailer) plus the vibrant red boards, we garnered loads of attention and people really tried winning the 7 pairs of tickets.

Richard (official photographer) compiled a video of the 2-day event and could be found on my FB:

Some dude actually followed us around town with a determination to win the pair of tickets (and he did eventually).

The van became our favourite spot, with aircon and finally being able to take a break.

And somehow after the 2-day event I find myself becoming a little tanned. :(

Lunch was good as we headed back to the place where I used to eat when I was working at NTUC Income. :D Oh I missed the chicken rice!

Sheena was my female counterpart who goes around shouting, "Win 2 free seats to London!" throughout the whole day. Nick was kind enough to buy us all Durian pancakes for our tea break. I also met many friends like Siraj, Daphne, George and his friend, and also Andre who tried his hands at winning.

This is one of my bosses. Denise Que, though she's just quit her job, that's only because she's going back to the Philippines to get married! Surprisingly, the other day I bumped into her at Funan IT Mall. How unexpected. I miss her! She poisonously funny.


My digital camera officially died on the third day I brought it to China, now I wonder how to survive without my pictures. Argh, I feel so handicapped. :(

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