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In A Nutshell...

For the past 6 months, I haven't been blogging regularly due to some unforeseen circumstances (yeah right) and a glance at my "To Be Blogged" folder  reveal that I have photo items dated back on the first day I met TK! Do you know how many bloody months was that? Approx. time: 8 months ago...

I recall that day being extemely daring though, boarding onto a complete strangers' car based on just one plurk entry by TK, and off we go to the island we call Sentosa.

Somehow, I wasn't scared of two big Rottweilers settling at the back of the car, but I was licked by them:

It also marked the day I first met Linny, where she and Boston (her furkid) had to make do with sitting with Bear & Bruno.

This was what happened at the back (luckily I got the front seat!):

For some weird reason, QQ was repeated violated by the boys (to date okay) with mass licking from the back!

TK brought us to this rather awesome venue called KM8 (which recently closed down due to some lease problems) and had a ball of a time there.

Linny's furkid Boston:

After we changed into comfortable clothes, we ordered pizza and TK brought out 2 dua leng gong bottles of Absolut bottles from the bar. I vaguely recall one of them is called a sarongflysomething (am I right?).

Next to where we were seated was a pool filled with half-naked hot/old/young/gross ang mohs alike, moving and swaying to very good house music over there.

I was checking out Linny's cute bottle (try to control the direction of your eye now) as I allow myself to sink into the atmosphere.

TK was constantly reminding us of disciplining our dogs because QQ was too hyperactive and would randomly bark non-stop. As for Boston, he was misbehaving and would even drag the entire beach chair with him as Linny walks away. What a strong boy.

Oh how I miss QQ when she still have this kind of expression on her face (which then attracted people on the beach to want to take pics with her), and now she's just.... utterly spoilt and out of control (but she doesn't mean any harm!). Just.....misunderstood.

TK surprisingly look young here. Over the past few months, we meet up occasionally to chit-chat and he did a lot of deflowering for me (ahem).

Back then I was curious and amazingly obsessed with the applicator at the bottle mouth (which was a brilliant transparent orange and blue) and I got to bring one home. :P


Subsequently when TK got closer, I met his bunch of friends when I was tricked into attending a Little Black Book Party (or something like that) held at Dempsey Road, The White Rabbit. Upon paying the cover charge, we have to choose amongst 4 little stickers to represent your mood (something along the lines) -

Green - Talk to me!
Yellow - You can try (blah blah)
Blue - I'm hot! (blah blah)
Red - Go away

I very much wanted to take the Red because I was slightly ticked off, and TK picked the TALK TO ME for myself. Luckily I was shabbily dressed and not sociable, thus no one approached me.

His bunch of fantastically crazy friends:


Nevertheless I met new people and had drinks. :)

In a blink of an eye, it's another Chinese New Year. Due to my grandmother's passing away last year, we couldn't go visiting thus it was another year of spending time at Genting. As usual, we have our celebratory dinner at Happy Valley (supposedly Ah Yat but it was fully booked! :( ).

Salmon can never be lacked in my favourite dish during CNY - Yee Shang. Although my other grandmother and daddy were happy to be going to Genting again, I'm sure their reason is very different from ours. Hur. *coughs* Casino *coughs*

One good thing when it comes to eating is that whatever my sis doesn't like to eat, I'll pick them up, like raw salmon! She prefers the crackers.

I never liked this kind of jelly-based stuffs because of one bad incident I had when I was in Primary 4. However I was being "forced" to try this GuiLinGao there, admittedly it had this very cooling effect on me and it was said to be good to the complexion. Hahaha.

Once I was having a fever in Primary 4 and spent a few days to recuperate. Mom prepared some grass jelly for me since it was a 'cooling' food, and I was the only person who ate it. Almost immediately after I ate it, I puked my guts out. Later did we found out that the grass jelly was expired.
- Digression end -

Sis and I now have phobias towards the manicure shop we used to frequent because of past bad experience and their sucky attitude. So this time round we decided to try artificial nails instead. There wasn't many to choose from but I settled on a pink set (I know right).

Back in the room we clipped, shaped and glued...

Yet when I wore this to school, Cheak said the flowers looked like his whiteheads when he picked them out from his face (fucking gross can).

Sis got her fake hair scrunchy that had the exact same shade to her hair. *jealous*

Just before we board the coach back to Singapore, I caught sight of a group of monkey frolicking amongst the trees.

I was just riveted by how animals eat and do their magic like picking fleas for each other. Amazingly, I find monkeys very much like humans.

For the first time I get to see Chingay in the neighbourhood (will never get that in Sengkang!) after I moved back to Ang Mo Kio. The float parade was cute but there was a mini car accident when they were turning and smoke was coming out.

One dumb pedestrian was almost ran over and had no idea what was going on even with so many people "OI!"-ing at him. *facepalm*


In January, I was invited to my first 21st birthday celebration at Singapore Polo Club. There, I met long-time-no-see friends Kwang Wei (can I call you Daigo instead?!), Yi Chang, Josephine (birthday girl) and Hui Qing.

There was a French Bollywood theme which most of us did not follow but I did contribute my part by sticking the bead thingy up my forehead.

Josephine looked gorgeous in her (assumed) violet gown dress and big curls! I like how her long-term boyfriend is named Joseph. Imagine their wedding reception board :

Welcome to Joseph and Josephine's Wedding Banquet
Fwah, nice.

I cabbed down to the Club and the first person I met was actually Michelle. I shocked myself by not able to recognised Yi Chang who was seated right next to her. I even dumbly questioned her, "Err, that guy is your boyfriend ah?"

I was thrown back with another question, "You don't know him?"

Erm, how would I know him???????

I thought to myself.

IT WAS YI CHANG. Roar. I totally embarrassed myself there.

Anyway, he did the most romantic thing (IMO) for Michelle. During her internship in China, he saved up and surprised her at the doorstep with his appearance.

Kai Xiang the photographer couldn't recognise me. We worked together once for his final FSV project, but oh well. It's okay because we are now Facebook friends (hahaha, who isn't nowadays?).
 Pictures all accredited to Kai Xiang (above). :D

In late February, there was this  OCBC national cycling event that TK and I signed up for, along with a bunch of his friends. I went to collect the goodie bag with him a week before the event.

On that day I woke up early to wait for TK, with his car loaded with bigass bicycles at the back of hi boot.

It was an apparent good morning for a sporting event. I never expected to see this many people (mind you we were the third batch of people!).

That is Barbra who thinks that 20KM was an easy feat. Me, on the other hand, was actually drenched in sweat and feeling lethargic afterwards. She is what I call a 女强人!:P

TK was all geared up too, what with his helmet and gloves. What bad luck bestowed on him when his newly serviced bicycle chained broke off before the event started. He had to salvage it with another $80 burnt through his pocket. Ow.

As much I was reluctant to wear the helmet, it was obligatory for this event. "No Helmet, No Ride" seemed more like their slogan to me.

It feels good to exercise this much, cycling from the F1 pit builing, around Raffles Boulevard before heading towards East Coast Park and back again. Throughout my bicycle stand was faulty and it kept dropping down. Many considerate cyclists halted me to inform me, and I had explain so many times to them what was wrong. :(

 Now that I've cycled, I want to ice-skate and roller-blade. :P


February was like a breeze after my final examinations (which I did poorly for :( ) and March began with me slogging away for the HSBC Womens' Championships (yes I seem to be involved in bank-sponsored activities). Wahahaha.

Despite the relatively shitty pay, I'm glad I helped out for this event. Not to mention I've met up with a group of very spontaneous and happy friends, seen the inside of Tanah Merah Country Club, rode buggy multiple times in a day, and met my current "squeeze". Ahem.


Okay, I'm late for my work (the only thing that haven't change!). Will update again.

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