Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ai Tong School Revisited

Last week DI had the chance to perform for Ai Tong's Alumni to celebrate its 85th Annivesary.

It was a Saturday afternoon that I have to revisit my Primary school in a grand total of what, 7.5 years? I cannot describe the emotions that run over me that day. It was mixed one with nostalgia and bits of sadness.

The Koi pond (left) that used to seem big to me now looks so tiny. It was also the venue where my classmate got pushed into after provoking another slightly deranged classmate.

Obviously I feel fuzzy about standing at the venue where I grew up for six years - my favourite hangout (the newly air-conditioned library then; And I love the Magic Fish book that is glittered and textured!), my favourite canteen stall (selling laksa and seaweed chicken), my favourite spot to play Starfish and badminton etc.

But on the other hand, I can't help but think time have passed by so quickly, it slipped through my fingers. It's one of those moments to sigh and think, "What if I can go back 10 years...", and to set all things right again, you know?

So as I walked around the school (and I think I talk a little too much because I keep pointing at random rooms and squeal "oh that's my chemistry lab room!", "oh that's the Science Garden and my friends always catch spiders there to scare me!"), images of my friends and I replay in my head. The alphabet/line/row that my class is seated during assembly, the sick bay which I visited when I accidentally punch a staple into my index finger and the toilets which were banned of toilet paper because the upper Pri lians keep on throwing them up on the ceiling.

If you're wondering why I only took two pictures if I miss ATS so much, it's because the camera ran out of battery! Darn.

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