Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So last Monday marks my third entry into the location I'd like to call "Haybee" since some time back (just because it rhymes well and I can sing to it).

Well since I've been keeping my passport, I think it only makes sense if I start utilizing it. :P

The reason I was there is to get some rice, gum, my Safari plasters! and basic necessities, but as you know, shopping don't end just like that so easily. Heh.

Am I the only person who detests that the White Card system is back on? It's really damn leh cheh. Not to mention filling my particulars in a moving car with a shitty pen.

I was admittedly behaving like a little girl because I've never really drove (driven in this case) into JB before, so it was rather exciting.

The first stop of the journey was Tesco and midway there the driver actually took a wrong turn and we ended up in some ulu highway that scare us a little (one way only you see). It was after 10 mins of driving on, and making stupid jokes about ending up in KL that we see a huge U-turn. Phew. Talk about loosening up the atmosphere.

The Mamee/Twisties were very affordable over there, but didn't get any. Two packs of 10 for RM5!

Basically, I also strolled along the aisles of other foods to see whatever I can get before I found this:

For some odd reason the car was left with a shop that does the exterior cleaning (which I think is well-deserved, tsk) while we shopped at some Plaza (can't recall exact name).
I practised good self-discipline by not visiting any shops that sell clothes. I decided to check out the hand-me-down books sale downstairs.
Almost bought this book:
Just kidding. Even if I have the lyrics, I don't know how the tune goes. 
Howdy, go wild? Yeeha?

There were really odd titles as well -

In the end I bought the books that look great (the vintage kind) instead, figured I can double up and use them as decorations in the future. :D

These include "The Winged Seed" and "The Great Gatsby", just to mention a couple.

I was supposed to bring the driver to good food places - I only knew two - the Taiwanese-styled Cafeteria and Japanese restaurant, which I do not have the addresses at all! So there's no way I could guide the way there. :( Sigh.

Anyway, dinner was settled opposite the Old Town Coffee place I went the last time with Alan, Shy and Co. to eat Tze Char.

Mommy called then, and in time of panic, I ordered a funny new drink:

I couldn't get used to it at the first sip, but the taste grows on me. It's a great drink to simmer the fire on the palate.

The grilled foods were tasty (but damn spicy to me) and I love the mangoes (just the way I like it - sweeeeeeet) !!!!

I had the craving to eat 田鸡, in addition to the “老鼠粉” (when I was younger I always thought they were rats' tails chopped off and cooked =,=") we ordered.

I was damn stuffed when we were done. The digesting part was spent at a DVD store *coughs* viewing the movies/dramas/songs discs avaiablle. See only.

By the time I reached home it was rather latee, but it was a fulfilling trip! Thank you Friend. :)

P.S. I bought five packs of the plasters! Yay.


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