Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Okay maybe it's just me but I haven't seen or heard any advertisements on Sing$.

It was only when barflies start plugging them on Plurk that we made a last minute decision to catch it. Indeed, it was a decision well-made. :)

This musical includes some of the the major local performers - Kumar, Hossan, Dim Sum Dollies, Lim Kay Siu, Sebastian and Najip - and they're all so good at what they're doing!

Not only do they sing well,  they are also funny! We caught the final show and the seats were almost all filled from the first floor to the last!

The 150min-long comedy has incorporated some of the political issues Singaporeans face such as the Durai case and the recent Ming Yi scandal.

I especially enjoyed the Michael Jackson tribute which Hossan danced to Jacko's number.

All in all, the conversations were witty and funny. The characters accurately reflecting each stereotypes they fall into (very sad but very true). I must also add that the set designs were excellent. It was a drama that we enjoyed very much, if not for the poor choice of seating.

Like what Kumar jested at the beginning of the show,

Cannot see me har? Then pay more to watch lah!

This information booklet was given on site. I absolutely adore the design! I hope I can create something like that one day. :/

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