Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NY Restaurants

We had lunch last week at Illuma (the new Bugis shopping mall) and settled for Empire State because Sheylara recommended that dining place (according to my makan kaki that is.)

Since it was a new mall, the place is relatively big, smells nice and spanking new seats. We sat at the dome area while waited patiently for our food.

Our appetizer was their Mushroom soup that says, "Must try!". And indeed it is. It was so damn yummy.

We shared a pizza and the bacon chilli dog (which also has the sign! but tasted quite....bleh), but packed away half the pizza home, which ended up as my lunch the following day. :P

The restaurant's concept is very much like New York New York and NYDC (yeah because they're all from America) but I think this one does stand out a little more with appetizing food! In the menu there's a hugeass picture of their jumbo burger (something like NYNY's, only bigger), and I'm not sure if anybody can finish it alone.

If you do, show me!

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