Saturday, September 5, 2009

Molting Dog

I think QQ might be in her molting period.

Her usual fine, fluffy hair is now in a thick mess. Even after I just groomed her this afternoon. It's frustrating to spend almost an hour to untangle the hair to find that there are still balls of fur stuck somewhere while cuddling her! Argh.

I think it's time to send her to the salon for a proper haircut. Sigh, another few hundred dollars signed away to package again.

Previously I plurked about somebody puking 6 times within the timespan of 48 hours. Well, that was QQ and not me. No doubt she is still greeting me actively at the door for the two days, I am home to find either a long lump is shit-looking puke in creamy white, or mud puddles like that:
Puke at Spot A

Puke at Spot B

Don't bother convincing me that those were her shit. I'm pretty sure they weren't. We couldn't find out the cause of these body reactions. But she's well again now.

I'll have to run down and get her more kibbles again, though I very much like to feed her chicken (but I have to wake up early enough for wet market!). The preparation time will also take longer than the kibbles. I've decided to change her diet after reading Bear's blog entry.

Also, Bear Pa's found a doggy blogshop and QQ patronized it!
Check out her chio collar - a artsy mix of orange (oh, well), lime green and electric blue! 
I absolutely love it. Now QQ looks like out of those cool arts students what with the contrast on her body. :P
Also in the meantime, QQ have been attending some major gatherings such as one organised by DaphneMaia - The Twit Gathering @ Botanical Gardens. She met Uncle Nicholas Lee who take fantastic pet photos!

Don't believe? Take a look.
She only looks this adorable once in a blue moon.
Also love the leash that Bear's Pa used on her.

See how the boys were attracted to Auntie Rachel...

And Bruno seduced by a little one.

Bruno and his favourite ball game!

Whose stump is it that vibrates with excitement?

I heard QQ was the rose among the thorns.

The best among the lot (IMO). 
Thank you Nicholas for the lovely images! :) 

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