Monday, September 28, 2009

Singtel x INQ Mobile x The Mosiac Project

If you're one who follows the blogosphere closely, you would have seen the more well-known bloggers attending the launch of Singtel 3G INQ Mobile last week.

Basically it's the first mobile phone that features social media and platforms like Facebook and Twitter is embedded into its system. Singtel, with a collaboration with INQ Mobile, provides a good package for users so they don't have to worry about high data charges etc.

Jessica Liu was their celebrity representative who have tested the 3G Mini INQ Mobile and Glenn Ong was the host that afternoon.

I was invited to their media and blogger event launch too, not as a blogger (obviously), but as a .... designer. *shy*

Well, I sort of am, for that day. :)

Entries ago, I mentioned that I would share some pictures from Supperclub, where my work was showcased.

When I first enter the club, the VIPs were about to start their presentation, so I was right on time.

The middleman will always be so PR-ish, for that five seconds that he actually looks at you (but only to make sure that his namecard is securely in your hands) before he peels his gaze away from you, looks ahead and says, "Excuse me for a sec", but never return. Never.

I digressed.

My artwork was mentioned by the Singtel's Executive Vice President Mr Yuen, He was just giving a casual remark of their effort to incorporate local art scene and designers into the new phone.

He said something along the lines of "For example, look behind you at the works of our local designers. The one that has "Ang Mo Kio" on it, I don't think anywhere else in the world we have any 'Ang Mo Kio'. This makes us unique. "

Fwah, I tell you the moment he said that I can feel my heart glow and grow, literally. Heh.

They also extracted the centre part of the entire design and included into the backdrop, media kit and POP stands all around the room! :

To be physically there is prolly my only job that day, since I don't have to furiously scribble notes and quotes in shorthand notebooks or blog about anything at all.

I was there to enjoy refreshments (deem fit) available. The staff at Supperclub were great. They were all smiles and love the way they dress up!

The main colour of their outfits was white. One had black plastic chains hung all over him in a white jumpsuit. Another guy had white tights and black Dr. Marten boots. The girls didn't lose out either. This girl had many, many, many piercings all over her body and had dreadlocks in blonde. So cool.

The tidbits served were going in numerous rounds that include salmon kebabs packed in an envelope, handy lunchboxes that contained wraps and even "sociable" cupcakes. [See below.]

Ah I took a bite out of the butterfly. :P

The main highlight to me is still the art works that were lined on the wall at the back. According to the Singtel personnel, these were the top ten designs.

I have no idea who's the winner though. But do take a look at all the other designs. I really like some of them, and also because I envy them for being able to create art that I probably I can never. [Click to enlarge pictures].

I really like this one personally. To me, it's a cute abstract art that tells so many stories in just one canvas. But of course, student from LaSalle.

This one kinda reminds me of one of the Malaysian cartoonist. Or some campaign posters/brochure I saw in Primary School. Heh.

Absolutely adore this one! I wonder how she creates the character's head. She even has her own signature below, BOOMz. She's an Art Director.  

The illustrator who did this is the same guy who designed The Mosaic Project competition poster/package. MRB has his own blog and shop online.

Other works by freelance Illustrators. Artsy Fartsy kind.

I have heard of this Killer Gerbil guy before and seen more of the works, so I feel happy to be placed alongside him and other talented designers. Heh. 

When I did mine, there's a story behind each of the sphere, not sure if people get it when they look at mine. :/

And I hate my "Occupation". Everybody has a fancy name like "Designer", "Art Director", "Illustrator". Me? TEMPORARY CORPORATE SUPPORT OFFICER.


Spoil market.

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