Thursday, October 1, 2009

Toto The Parrot

Throughout my entire life, I've only have had a handful of friends who own enough pets at home to make me feel like I'm standing in a potential zoo.

Other than Darrick who owns his favourite fat cat, fishes in a pond, three hamsters and two terrapins, the latest addition to his family should be the Pembroke Welsh Corgi that he shares with his girlfriend.

Another would definitely be Rachel, aka Rachie Cheh Cheh. She's the owner of Ozzie (read entry on QQ's birthday), two chirpy parrots in vibrant colours, hamsters and terrapins. Did I miss out anything else?

The other day, she was considering keeping a hedgehog (!!!). The first question I posed was, 
"How do you play with it? Or stroke it?"

One night, I popped over to her place because I wanted to meet Ozzie. Following that she led me into her kitchen area (more like pet paradise) and introduced me to Toto.

She's a beautiful velvet lime green that speaks English.

"Hello" is probably her favourite word. I was very afraid since I'm not a bird person, you know. I've never stroke - let alone held a bird - in my hand before (ahem, please ignore the unintended pun).

Knowing that I was scared of Toto's claws, she still purposely place Toto on my arm! Toto's grip was strong and firm, I can feel the claws pressing against my skin!

As you can tell, I dare not move at all. In fact, I was perspiring in my underwear. All I could manage to react was to repeat "Hello" every time Toto says "Hello" too. And you wonder who's the parrot huh. =,="

Nevertheless, I had lots of fun mingling with the mammals, while Ozzie happily cozies up to Unker TK with him gloating about it.

Pfft, kid trapped in a big boy's body.

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