Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ugly Truth


"He's a surgeon, you know what that means. He sticks fingers *raise fingers and wiggle*..."
Up where??!! :P

That's what I will find out if I do get the pair of tickets to watch The Ugly Truth, starring Katherine Heigl (!!!) and Gerard Butler.

It's been some time since I last caught a romantic comedy on the big screen. Heck, I can't remember any titles except for my few all-time favourites like Definitely, Maybe, Love Actually and 27 dresses, which coincidentally also stars Katherine Heigl as the lead actress too. For starters I like romantic comedies , so I wanna catch The Ugly Truth!

Besides, have you watched the couple of the trailers that are available on YouTube yet? Have you had the slightest idea that King Leonidas (Gerard in 300) can be this charming and humourous? Though in The Ugly Truth I may not get to drool over his sculpted body (oh wait there are bed scenes right?!), I do know he's getting into an red-liquid tub and be seduced by Katherine Heigl. And that's inviting enough. Heh.

Since the storyline revolves around Mike Chadway (Gerard) spilling the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick, I would really like to see how much dirt on relationship he can dish out. Are men that choosey? Hmm. Refer to conversation quoted from the movie clip:

You're such a man-whore.

Why am I  a man-whore?

You're telling me you've never slept with the fun-bag twins?

I only slept with the one who could read.

Hahahahaha. Have you ever experienced those moments where you stupidly burst out laughing in front of your computer screen? Yeah that was my immediate reaction upon hearing the short exchange.
I am hoping The Ugly Truth can amuse me, what with the breakup and all.

That brings me to another reason to catch The Ugly Truth. I need to learn some tricks of the trade - how to flirt - I have to be the Librarian and the Stripper. I must look subtly good in office wear, yet cockteasing men. Muahaha. Well who knows this movie could give me a few tips on how to land myself a normal guy for a change, say 3-4 years down the road. :)

Judging from what I saw from the trailers/site, there should be a lot of sexual connotations used (and thus this film is rated NC-16). Yay.What? It's all in good fun!

Speaking of the website, do rmember to check out theirs, I love the clean layout. Not to mention I like the clicking sound it makes (yes then I'll just randomly click on all the buttons available just to satisfy the obsession), flash animation and images!

Personally, the biggest turn-off that I can relate to is first and foremost Personal Hygiene. Not that I have experienced one before, but I had a similar encounter once. It should not be considered a date, taking into consideration that I was 12.

When I was about to enter Secondary level, there was a boy named T who asked me out for a CS session/ movie. I casually agreed and we were out the following day. After we came out from gaming, I could hear nothing but vacuum, but he was so used to it, he stuck his fingers into the ears and dig at it.

Then few minutes later he might smell his fingers or bite his fingernails. 0,0

We were already seated in the theatre when he turned around to look at me, and started sharing information with me that I wished I never have to know. He told me he haven't been brushing his teeth for the past one week or so and they're still clean (seriously?). He said it with such confidence as though it was one of his greatest achievements in life! Gawd.

That probably also explains for his body odour. No, not the kind after you have a vigourous sports activity (that one I can understand). He came to met me from home. He smelled like....
(wait for it)

Or rather the beggars, you know what I mean?

Then there were also his constant scratching of his arms and neck (I think it was eczema, but still young I didn't know). Uh, not helping can (note high pitch and swirling eyes). Those literally made me twitch in my seat and feel like they were ants crawling on me. *shudders*

Yes, that is a major, major turn-off, albeit I was only 12. :P

So. Back to the basics. Rule #01 when it comes to dating have got to be one's cleanliness! I don't expect you to smell like a million dollars (though that would be a plus point) but at least put in sufficient effort to look like you can afford utility bills okay?

And oh, fleas/ticks/cockroaches/ants/other weird insects found in/on your vehicle will not put you in the express lane either! Hahaha. *coughs*

However, the war between Mars and Venus will never cease. There will always be some truth in the stereotypes of both gender and we have to come to terms with it! Just like how The Ugly Truth does it, by throwing in doses of reality, coupled with humour and voila! we strike a balance.

You can catch the trailers HERE and HERE.

Be a fan at the Official Facebook Page and catch The Ugly Truth when it opens in the cinemas on the 17th September 09!

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