Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Mosaic Project by Singtel

Last week, I posted a link here about The Mosaic Project. Now, it was last minute decision to join the competition. There wasn't much research involved, but more of what inspire me at that time.

Anyway I submitted the design with no expectations. Thus when news came in, it came as pleasant surprise.

You see, just the other day I was in the clinic waiting for my name to be called. I was on the phone checking my mail and I read the following:

Well yeah I know I didn't win but my work will still be featured as one of the Top 10 (scarly I'm the tenth, that's quite sad), I am ecstatic! It serves as some form of encouragement for me to carry on what I started out, and what I'm going to continue doing.

My gratitude goes out to TK, Rachie Cheh Cheh and K for a shot in their arms. *mass hug*
So this is for you three:

The Mosaic Project was showcased at the Supperclub on Monday. I'll post up some pics......soon (I think).

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