Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Christmas Carol


I'm sorry I defied the instructions. I refuse to watch the trailer...


because I've watched it for so many damned times in the theatres!!!

This is an upcoming movie that's very well-advertised (well what I can say, it's Walt Disney Studios!), and in every movie that I watched since August, they show it before every movie starts. I can even memorise the lines for one of the trailers.

Christmas comes but once a year, but for one man......BAH! Humbug. ..... that's one too often.

Okay you get the gist.

In A Christmas Carol, Jim Carrey not only plays the unfeeling Ebenezer Scrooge(pronounced as Eh-ber-nee-zer-screwwwwwge), but also all three ghosts of Christmas in the classic tale by Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens - the same person who also brought about David Copperfield - the famous Oliver Twist and The Great Expectations.

  1. The story unfolds with Ebenezer Scrooge being a miserly rich man who had lived alone all his life. Even with his only loyal clerk, Bob Cratchet (starring Gary Oldman!!!), he mistreats him and demanded that he works on Christmas Eve. He hates Christmas, though we don't know why at the beginning of the movie. Oh by the way, "Bah! Humbug!" is Ebenezer's favourite phrase. 

  1. After he was warned by his dead business partner, Joseph Marley (also starring Gary Oldman!), Christmas Past (Jim Carrey) comes to visit Ebenezer. In the movie trailer, the Christmas Past looks like a ball of fire, orange and glowy, speaking in a floaty voice. But according to the novel, he was supposed to be dwarfish - short and stout - and in fact, a very jolly young man. He represents Scrooge's attitude towards Christmas when he was a young kid. This is where we look at Scrooge's Past: A happy young man who likes company, had the love of his life...However, when he was in school, his family was too poor to afford a carriage to send him home for Christmas, and he was the only one being left behind. As a result, he swore to work hard and become a rich man. He worked so hard, he neglected his supposed fiance and eventually he was alone, and became a miser who worked through Christmas. 

  1. Christmas Present - a big man with a heart laughter, long golden beard and entwined in a coat of grape vines - showed Scrooge the current situation. Despite being invited to his only nephew's Christmas party, he declined. We see his nephew toasting to Scrooge because he was his only family. As Scrooge grew older, he became colder and drifted away from his family because he was too engrossed in work. We also sees Bob Cratchet's big family toasting to Scrooge. They are poor, but very happy. Bob Cratchet's youngest son Tiny Tim is crippled, but that did not get to him or their family. In fact, Scrooge likes Tiny Tim a lot.

  1. Last but not least Christmas Yet To Be - a dementor-like figure - showed him the near future. His nephew was no longer doing well and the same party scene was now depressing. Tiny Tim died. And where did Scrooge go? Nowhere but under his tombstone.  This was where he realised that everything bad is going to happen if he doesn't change his evil ways. 
    I shall not go into details but you'll have to catch the movie to find out.

    And so am I hoping to watch it in 3D next week. Heh. :D




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