Monday, November 30, 2009

Nebo Quest 2009

You may or may not heard of this Singaporean youth version of "Amazing Race" called Nebo Quest, organised by the Nebo club, a youth club by youths under the NTUC group. If you frequent the arcades at Ang Mo Kio Hub and E! Hub (Pasir Ris) then you'll prolly see the orange space dedicated to them.

In my opinion, this Nebo Quest challenge is an evil plan for non-members to pay and join them. To take part in the contest, non-members have to pay $15. And according to them, the goodie bag we receive was supposed to mount up to $50, which is utter bullshit. Okay fine, in a way $20 arcade top-up value with additional $20 top-up value = gives you $20 credits worth! (Chey.)

Plus the facial cleanser and  men's shaving cream (yeah like I need it badly) and Chipster potato chips thrown into it, I think that makes another $10.

Anyway, when I saw about this advertisement I thought it would be fun for friends to gather, you know. So I initiated an email to my two buddies, cousin and sister and asked (more like pressured) them to take part. Heh.

I must say I'm surprised they ALL agreed, and because some of them haven't met one another, we even had another bonding session. They came over to my place for Chinese checkers and Mahjong and had  blast. After which, we had dinner and they watched a movie.

The week after we all gathered at Fort Canning Park at 8.15 in the bloody morning for this game. And me, being the team leader, got all of them shirts (which us girls eventually shred and braid on our own).

However, I do think it's a waste of our time when the quest only starts at 10AM, we spent a lot time before that standing under the sun and learning the rather childish Quest Cheer. Unfortunately, the booklet in our hands gave us a very hard route, almost redundant - From ECP > National Museum (Which was just next to Fort Canning?! KNN) > SAM 8Q > Siglap > Bedok Reservoir > Tampines Mart > Downtown East - and only on that day do I realised I spent much on travelling fares and utilised toooooooooooo much of my mobile data plan.

We ran so much, were dead tired, and in the end, won nothing but a stupid goodie bag. I was quite pissed off actually. To make it worth my effort, I down lots of Milo from the Milo truck parked outside (which of course is quite stupid).

It was also the first time in my adulthood that I FELL ASLEEP in during my lunch due to fatigue. I know, it's a WTF moment.

I don't think we stand a chance of winning next year either, so maybe this is a "screw it, I'm staying in to sleep" decision. The majority of the winners are almost all guys, and even with the girls, their almost like guys, so... I don't know.

The entertainment segment after the challenge was a bore, and the sound system sucked. Please don't make us go through all these again just to wait for the lucky draw and announcements. The salvation were perhaps the emcee and the simple games performed at the 6 points.

At the end of the day, the question is: HOW FAIR WAS THE GAME? I cannot say.
All I can say is I enjoy the times I had with my family and friends. Thank you guys! :)

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