Thursday, December 3, 2009

QQ & New Toys

QQ likes to disturb.

Even at our personal photoshoot.

Scrambling around with her new toy from Pets Lovers. Yet another toy to pamper and to kill her boredom (as much as possible) in the day.

The toy apparently makes crinkling noises to keep them engaged. Hahaha. I still want to get her a kong, or bring her out as much as possible. But I don't know how to play Fetch with her outdoors! :(

Last month, there was a lucky draw at PetUgamart. I thought I had a high chance of winning, considering the fact that you need to spend at least $150 for each coupon. I had one with me.

Then again, I never had luck when it comes to lucky draws. The Nebo Quest was a good example.

On the day of the draw itself, I can't be more wrong. The dog owner to my right had about 5 coupons holding out using both his hands, and the auntie to my left had 10 coupons opened up like a china fan. 0,0! She spent $1500 on dog food/accessories?! Or actually buy a dog with that money?!

Either way, I know I had no hope. Sigh. 8th prize is a Wii leh! Can you imagine what is the 1st,2nd and 3rd prize?!

Feeling disheartened, QQ was completely unaffected and had fun with the fellow furmates. In the end, Sis and I shared a strawberry cake for her.

She was so greedy she almost ate it whole that night! Her mouth was coloured pink, almost like the one in Legally Blonde (was it?).

Also, knowing how much she adores the opposite gender, I paired her up with Uncle KAM Fung, her new playmate. Haha.

It was weird because all along I thought he told me before that he wasn't a dog person, yet QQ snuggled in his lap the whole afternoon while we Mahjong-ed.

That's it for the dog diary.

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